Zinio Magazine Reader – How to Download for PC & Mac [Download]

zinio-magazine-reader-download-pc-macWe grow up with a piece of advice from our parents: books are your best friends who don’t love a good book or magazine and who are at home on your comfortable sofa enjoying a cup of tea and a good book or magazine. That was the way a good life used to be.

Nowadays it’s a little different, we’re busy with life and work and life drama, so we have a lot on our minds, we can have a lot on our shoulders too, so we can really carry too many magazines or books in our pockets, that’s why we look online for new tools or apps that will save our lives and hold a library of magazines in our hands.

Today I am giving you the best app for people like me who love to read magazines, like me personally. I love a couple of weekly and monthly magazines that I have to get and read every issue to stay up to date.Top I have a pile of magazines all over my house, it wasn’t a pretty view so I was determined to find a new app that will save my apartment from all the clutter, but still keep all of my amazing magazines ready for me to read.


Zinio was my rescue app is just full of a huge variety of publishers and over 5000 magazines, it’s a digital magazine app, it’s amazing and it keeps going Android, Apple, blackberry and even Windows. No more expensive subscriptions, no more costs, just more articles to read. I even keep digital copies of all of my favorite magazines and have access to thousands of articles that I didn’t even know before a publisher.

What’s unique about it is that many libraries around the world have agreed to many deals with Zinio to access all of their magazines and deliver them to consumers in one app.

Benefits of the Zinio Magazine Reader:

Aside from being any reader’s delight, it has some obvious advantages like:

  • Saved me a lot of money like I saved over $ 200 on my subscription to Forbes and the Economics
  • Access an unlimited number of digital magazines.
  • Save copies of the articles that you like
  • No more paper or clutter in the house
  • Whenever the new version is available, you will be notified

All you need is a phone or tablet and you can start reading and browsing your library.

How does it work?

Let’s start by saying that this app is awesome and has lots of discounts. Enjoy all the benefits. Just follow the next easy steps:

  • Download the app on your phone
  • Easily create an account with your name and email address
  • Choose your subscription and your favorite magazine
  • Start exploring

How can I download Zinio?

You can easily buy Zinio and read thousands of magazines:

Zinio for PC

  • Download PC 32-BIT or PC 64-BIT
  • Browse and download the Zinio Reader folder
  • Run the download and install it
  • Open Zinio and accept the warning you get when you open it
  • Create an account and enjoy the magazines

Zinio for Mac

This amazing app gives you the best reading experience as it lets you choose which article to read, can skip pages, is easy to carry around as it is already on your phone, seen an article you like to tap and reading as enjoying it is that simple.

It’s easier and cheaper and better than Kindle or iBook or similar apps and tools. It’s the best choice to go digital and paperless with your readings and magazines. Highly recommend enjoying Zinio and having the most affordable reading experience.

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