YOLO Browser for PC – Windows 7/8/10/Mac – Free Download [Download]

YOLO-Browser-for-PC-Windows-MacYOLO is a browser application that promises a lot, but cannot achieve all of these. It comes with some interesting tools, but it comes at a high price: this app takes up enough space on your phone, is about 25MB heavier than Chrome, and is no longer an exact browser.

To install the YOLO, you need more than 80 MB free on your device. To give you an idea, the Chrome takes up around 55MB and the Dolphin takes up around 45MB. These values ​​are displayed without the extra data that accumulates a few more megabytes on your mobile tablet. If space is limited, you may have to choose another alternative.

Data storage

This tool actually works, although the image of pages remains full of gaps. When you take the pictures of the websites, the content loads much faster and less of your monthly franchise is spent. This is good economy for users with limited packages. However, visual leaves a lot to be desired.

He just can’t load the pictures and leaves a “hole” in white in the middle of the pages. It would be interesting if he were smart about compressing all of the text in a layout more for reading, with no extra elements or spaces. In addition, he was unable to block banners in tests.

The interesting features, but YOLO gives the impression that they are much better on paper than they are in execution. For example, to change the background to night mode, this option is not saved. To start another session, you’ll need to run it again. That kind of detail is a huge disappointment, especially given an app that occupies almost 100MB on your device. The YOLO Browser App can be run on computers and laptops with Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10 and Mac OS X.

Free download: YOLO browser for PC

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