YI Home App for PC (Windows 7, 8, 10, Mac) Free Download [Download]

yi-home-app-for-pc-windows-7-8-10-mac-free-downloadKeep security and communication on one device with the Yi Home app!

Communication is at the core of any relationship. Whether between you and your family, you and your partner or with other people. And in today’s world, it has become really easy and convenient to maintain proper communication between you and your loved ones. There are many online applications like Skype, WhatsApp, Viber and many others that help with communication. If we take a closer look at the word communication, there are different types such as audio, video, text. If we are talking about video specifically, then all of the above applications make video communication possible.

Video communication is one of the most advanced and interactive communication methods available today. And to make that happen, you need some equipment like a camera. Which will be our main concern in the following sections. YI Home Camera is one of the best devices for home communication. It also has various notable properties that will amaze you.

In the rest of the article, we will examine the functions and features of the camera. We will also discuss the application that is used with the camera to get access to all events on the phone. Let’s begin!

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Who Developed the YI Home Camera?

Well, the YI home camera and application were both developed by YI Technologies Inc. The camera makers had a great vision of bringing the world an HD device for interactive communication. In addition, they have added various exciting features to the camera and app. Let’s look at them.

A quick look at some of the features of the YI Home

Yi Home App Screenshots

Real time feed

One of the great things about the YI Home Camera is that you can get a live feed of all events happening at the camera location. You can have video or audio communication with your friends anytime, anywhere. All you have to do is start the application with an active internet connection. All your loved ones are now just a tap away.

Wide angle lens

Your mobile camera may not capture the wide angle, but the YI home camera does. The camera has a 111 degree wide lens that covers more area compared to the other cameras. In this way you can take a closer look at different objects in the view. It is also beneficial for those who have to leave their children at home alone while at work. You can also zoom in on the camera for more details. The camera has a 4x digital zoom.

Motion detection

Another great feature of the app is motion detection. The camera carefully checks every detail in the camera’s view. It has highly accurate motion detection that has pretty good advantages. When a slight movement is detected in the camera’s view, the camera sends an instant warning of the movement to your mobile phone. In this way you can always keep track of what is happening in your absence.

External map support

The camera supports a 32GB SD card which can be used to save any special moments you have while talking with your friends and family. At the same time, the camera is smart enough to only trigger the save action when the image changes. This also helps to save space.

Yi Smart App

The app is compatible with the camera and has several great features. For example, one can get a full panoramic view of the inside of the camera by simply panning left and right on the camera. The app supports the gyroscope which can follow the mobile orientation. This also allows you to show more than a required portion of the view.

All these brilliant features of the camera make it a must have for everyone. And when someone wants to use it on their PC. The camera can also be attached to the PC and you can watch everything that is sitting in your office. If someone wants to use it as a surveillance camera, they can too.

You have two options for installing the app on the PC: You can download the apk file and install it in the emulator. Another option is to install the emulator and then install the app on the PC.

Installing YI Home on a PC (Windows and Mac)

To install the YI Home app on the PC, you must first find the appropriate software. The software used to run mobile applications on a PC is an Android emulator. Although the web is flooded with such software, there are choices for good ones.

Some of the best Android emulators are Bluestacks Player and Nox emulator. Review the following segment for information on the software and application installation process.


  1. Install the Android emulator by following the instructions on the screen.
  2. After installing the emulator, search for Google Play Store in the emulator.
  3. Sign in to the Play Store with your Google account by entering your Google credentials.
  4. After successfully logging into the PlayStore, look for the YI Home app.
  5. Install the app on your PC.

If you are installing the app from an apk file, drag the apk file into the emulator window. Post this, install the app. Make sure that you have activated the virtualization settings in the system BIOS.

Wrap up!

With all of the features outlined above in mind, it’s best to say that the app has several advantages. The app can be used for both video communication and the security of the place where the camera is placed. It’s also one of the reasons this app received a 4.5 rating on Google Play.

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