XShare – File Fast Transfer for PC / Windows 7/8/10 / Mac – Free Download [Download]


Offline file transfer is the most convenient way to transfer files from one phone to another. Although there are several online platforms, files can be transferred. Using an offline sharing app is the most convenient means.

Fortunately, there are several offline file sharing apps out there including Zapya, Xender, Bluetooth, and others. With these platforms you don’t need an internet connection to use them. In this article we will discuss XShare a fast file sharing app for Android phones. If you need to download the app and install it on your PC, stick with it. We will enlighten you about this too.

How does XShare Fast File Transfer work?

Unlike file transfer platforms like Bluetooth, XShare uses QR code matching technology to connect two devices and thus share files. QR code matching comes in handy as there is less traffic when sharing your files with friends.


This is how XShare works in general by synchronizing QR codes with different phones and thus files are shared. XShare is also believed to be super fast than most file sharing apps. The XShare 200 is believed to be faster than Bluetooth. This is very useful, especially when sending large files.

As mentioned earlier, with XShare you don’t need an internet connection to connect to different phones. Some platforms require an internet connection to transfer your files to another device. These platforms include social websites like Facebook or WhatsApp. With XShare, however, you only have to match the QR codes with another phone.

Unfortunately, like most Android file sharing apps, XShare doesn’t support PC file transfer. However, here is a workaround for installing the app on PC and sharing files from PC to phone and vice versa.

Facts about the XShare File Transfer App for the PC

Publisher: Shallitry group

Installed: 10,000,000

Current version:

Price: free

Size: 11mb

These are the few facts about the XShare app for PC.

How to enable PC Transfer with XShare

Without third party software, Xhshare does not support PC file transfer. However, you can install the app on the PC and then match the QR codes for file transfer. However, it is not possible to download and install the XShare app directly from Google Play or Appstore on the PC.

However, you can take advantage of the power of a good emulator like Bluestacks. Here are some simple steps you need to take to download the app on PC.


1. Download an Android emulator and install it on your PC.

2. Open the emulator and allow permissions.

3. Sign in to your Google account.

4. Go to the Google Play Store or App Store.

5. Search for XShare for PC.

6. Click “Install” to start downloading and installing the app on your PC.


1. What is the fastest file transfer app?

XShare’s fast file transfer app for PC is the fastest file sharing app. It should be 200 times faster than Bluetooth.

2. What is the XShare app?

The XShare app is a file transfer app that uses QR codes to connect devices for file sharing. It’s also a free app and doesn’t require an internet connection to share files.

3. How do I use the XShare app?

Using the XShare app is very easy. All you have to do is match the QR codes to connect two phones. Open the app and tap the files that you want to transfer. The files will then be shared with your target device.

4. How is XShare used on Infinix?

Infinix is ​​an Android phone. So all you have to do is match the QR codes between Infinix and the phone or device you want to share with. Tap on the files you want to transfer and start sharing files.

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