XBrowser for PC and Mac – Windows 7, 8, 10 – Free Download [Download]

XBrowser-for-PC-Mac-Windows-Free-DownloadXBrowser is an extremely simple browser for PCs that allows you to surf the Internet very quickly. This allows you to use most of the functions of most modern browsers, but without the weight that they often put on the smartphone.

One of the great tricks of the program is that it doesn’t run any background processes, which means that your device’s memory is not severely impacted by the browser. In addition, it is very light and simplified, which gives more mobility.

Speed ​​and United Resources

We tested the application with several different pages as most heavy websites like YouTube appear on lighter pages like the Google Play website. In all cases, the program turned out to be quite fast, but the difference wasn’t too big, for example with regard to Chrome.

It offers several types of resources available in other browsers, such as: B. the private mode and the favorites system. They have a lot of other interesting news, however, like the night mode which switches from the menus to the darkened settings, in addition to a way to keep entire pages down for later reading.

Simplicity and functionality

The appearance of the application is very simple, with blank screens and buttons with tall color formats and formats. In addition, the elements of the hidden screen are highlighted during navigation.

The program is great for those who want to stay away from the eyes of big companies like Google but want a similar browsing experience or be just as effective as Chrome. A big lack is the password synchronization system and content as there is a web version.

Download XBrowser for PC

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