WakeVoice for PC – Windows and Mac – Free Download [Download]

Wakevoice-for-PC-Windows-and-Mac-free downloadWakeVoice alarm clock for PC is a test version of a morning alarm full of additional options. This app speaks to you, reads the weather forecast and the time and can be a new way of waking up.

WakeVoice Trial not only hears but also hears an alarm clock: you can control it using voice commands for NAP or even cancel the alarm. Using the Google system, he also understands Portuguese, not just English.

You can create non-synthesized alarms for general use, not just as a morning alarm clock. In each entry you can set the repetitions, the touch, what the voice should speak and whether you can answer with voice commands.

In the settings you can choose which data to read (news, horoscope, reminders, etc.) and if you want the radio to be turned on, as well as the possibility of technical changes and appearance. However, reading the additional information – all in addition to the date and time – is limited to the paid version of the application.

Download and play WakeVoice with your PC BlueStacks software.

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