Voice Dream Reader for PC (Windows 7/8/Mac) – Free Download [Download]

Voice Dream Reader for PC-MacVoice Dream is an e-book reader that interprets texts and has great features.

Our opinion on Voice Dream Reader for PC

Although the Voice Dream is a paid application and is expensive, users who are looking for a good reader of e-books will not disappoint with their purchase than those who want to improve the accessibility of iOS.

With several options for configuring the text interpreter and the display of the contents of books and documents in the library, the app also offers timers that indicate the size of chapters, highlighted text and notepads.

Without considering support for Portuguese, the Voice Dream offers a user-friendly and user-friendly interface and highlights its main commands with easy-to-understand icons. Your text interpretation tool has convenient control buttons and reading indicators and can also be integrated with VoiceOver resources.

The reader has sophisticated features to improve the reading of texts and adjust the pronunciation of words or change the speed of words per minute. You can buy voices in dozens of different languages ​​and even choose between accents and tones.

Voice Dream supports numerous formats of text documents or audiobooks, including various mechanisms for importing e-books or content from websites and efficient tools for organizing and customizing your library.

The application also provides great resources to promote digital book reading by customizing the font formatting and colors of the texts. In addition, users can also follow the interpretation, highlight excerpts such as favorites or export and share passages for e-mails, messages or social networks.

Free download: Voice Dream Reader for PC

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