TorrDroid – Torrent Downloader for PC (Windows & Mac) [Download]

Torrdroid-Torrent-Downloader-for-PC-Windows-MacWhat is TorrDroid?

It’s basically a torrent downloader. It is hosted by google. It also doubles as a search engine that has a special feature to easily find and download torrents.

TorrDroid is the most convenient way to find and download your favorite torrents. The app has a unique feature that makes it easy for users to find and download torrents without having to manually search for them.
TorrDroid downloads files at a faster speed than other free file hosting software like that Zippyshare, Mediafire, Sendspace, and other.

About TorrDroid

This torrent downloader is the trademark and property of the IntelliGems developer. The app. is updated regularly to expand the user interface for a better customer experience. It supports all Android versions from 4.1, 4.1.1 and does not take up much space on your device – 11.9 MB. It’s relatively easy on your system.

Using TorrDroid is easy. All you have to do is enter the search term and the type of file you want to download. The built-in search engine makes this process easier. Another advantage is that the results of your search are displayed in the app. directly; ready to download.

Torrdroid app screenshots

You can set a condition with the app to directly start a download of the appropriate file based on your search. So you can sit back and relax while TorrDroid takes care of the download. By far the best feature of the app that I appreciate the most is that it prevents accidental viruses and malware from downloading, giving you a safe and holistic experience. The app is open to all types of open source and free downloads.

TorrDroid features

Download torrents without using the built-in search engine, or search manually using the app:

• The app. opens torrent files directly from the system
• It supports UPnP, DHT, NAT-PMP and LSD
• It is intended that sequential downloading will be activated, ie while you are downloading the video it can be played back on your PC at the same time as when loading.
• Download speed is comparatively faster compared to its counterparts, making it a favorite among many
• TorrDroid allows downloading magnet links, which makes it very easy for users
• It allows many simultaneous downloads that you may be able to download at the same time
• You can use TorrDroid to download individual files from the torrent
• The torrent is downloaded to the external or internal storage at will.
• Your work is as good as done once you start searching for a torrent, the app. ensures the torrent is downloaded as soon as it becomes available
• If there is insufficient storage space, the app. Automatically queues the downloads
• Each download is projected via notifications
• You can open, view, or delete files openly from the app
• It has a built-in file browser for copying, deleting, sharing files and moving
• It’s simple in design and 100% free
• It has the best automation for downloading and searching torrents

BlueStacks emulator for PC

If you want to download TorrDroid for PC, read on to find out how to do it. You need to download BlueStacks on your PC. You can choose either TorrDroid for Windows or TorrDroid for Mac, the app. works wonderfully with both.

As an Android app. The BlueStacks player is very useful and allows us to run almost any app. that we use on Android. It is an American technology company that developed the BlueStacks app. This player has some other cloud-based software as well. The BluStacks flagship is an emulator that allows you to use Android apps on your Windows and Mac OS PCs. The basic functions are available for free download. BlueStacks allows you to emulate all of your favorite Android applications and games on your PC / laptop screen.

Download and Install TorrDroid for PC (Mac and Windows)

Below are the steps you need to follow to install Torroid for your Windows or Mac PC.

• First you need to install BluStacks on your PC
• After downloading and installing, start the BlueStacks successfully on the PC
• Then switch to the My App section in the BlueStacks emulator
• Look for Torrent Downloader: TorrDroid

Torrdroid-App-for-PC-with-Bluestacks• Install this app from the search result
• To ensure that you can download using BlueStacks, you will need to sign in to your Google account.
• After you have logged in to install the TorrDroid app. is initiated automatically
• To access the application, you need to go to the installed apps. Section and look for the TorrDroid icon
• Tap and open the app.

TorrDroid for Mac

This torrent downloader is also great for Mac OS. To download it to your Mac Book, you’ll need to download the BlueStacks system emulator .dmg file. After you’ve installed the BlueStacks emulator, the installation process for Mac OS is exactly the same as for Windows. Follow the steps above and you will download the Torrdroid app successfully. on your Mac Book PC.

Inside TorrDroid for PC

After signing into the TorrDroid app, you can display a search bar, enter your query, and set a file type using the drop-down menu next to it. You will then see the “Download if available” option. That way, you can command the app to start the download as soon as it is found so you can sit back and relax. Here you can select the length of time within which the engine should search. And also the type of file such as audio, video, e-book or software.

If you go to the settings menu, you can set filters, e.g. B. via which network your content should be downloaded, WiFi or data. You can set a maximum search limit, preferred storage space, and whether or not adult content should be filtered.
The main menu bar consists of three sections: History, Search, and Download. You can use these to switch between these pages and view your download history or the current downloads.

This app is the best way to support torrent files. With TorrDroid you can easily share P2P files. Many people believe that P2P download traffic is the best feature, and therefore a lot of the download is done over the cellphone’s WiFi connection. The torrent is downloaded in real bandwidth diver, making TorrDroid the best torrent downloader out there.

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