Top 5 Apps for Remote Video Surveillance [Download]

xmeye-pc-mac-windows-7-8-10-computer-free-download-150x1501. XMEye

There is no doubt that XMEye is best remote video surveillance App now.
The app combines a number of functions including remote playback, voice intercom, screenshot, photos, etc. You can also zoom in and out using the pan-tilt-zoom controls. You can control the sound of your alarm output and edit your videos at the same time.

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ivms-4500-pc-windows-7-8-10-mac-computer-free-download-150x1502. iVMS-4500

At N02 the iVMS-4500. With this app you can edit and manage videos. The app is so good that it has been downloaded 50,000 times.
iVMS-4500 for PC uses the latest technology to Monitor CCTV, NVR, DVD, and other camera surveillance devices.
One of the unique features of the app is that your video files are stored securely.

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hik-connect-pc-windows-7810-mac-free-download-150x1503. Hik-Connect

Hik-Connect is ideal if you want to monitor your place on the go.

You can set up your cameras at your workplace and take a vacation, but still monitor what is happening in your workplace.
All you have to do is log in with an internet connection and then Start monitoring all cameras You have established a connection to the app.

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gdmss-lite-pc-windows-7810-mac-computer-free-download-150x1504. gDMSS Lite

gDMSS Lite is a fantastic app for monitoring multiple cameras.
It’s the iOS version of gDMSS Lite app
You can manage multiple cameras under one group without clicking each camera every time you need to monitor.

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5. iSmartViewPro

iSmartViewPro comes with amazing features on N05.
You can Set the app to record and save any footage while you are away so you can view the videos later.

The app also has a Wi-Fi link that you can use to upload your videos online.
This app is ideal for businesses to monitor their customers or small office settings that need to be monitored, or even for home use e.g. B. to ensure security at the gate, the fence and general surveillance at home.

Download iSmartViewPro for Windows

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