SwiftKey Neural Alpha for PC – Windows and Mac – Free Download [Download]

Swiftkey-Neural-Alpha-for-PC-and-Mac-Windows-7-8-10-free downloadSwiftKey Neural Alpha promises to be the future of words on virtual keyboards. When you are trying to guess what we are writing, the program makes typing easier and faster without having to type all the letters.

Content suggestions are nothing new to those who use smartphones, and SwiftKey has always been one of the best options for users by offering predictions based on what the user writes on the internet.

Predictions that really deliver

With the Neural, the company goes one step further and completely changes the focus of the predictions when trying to really figure out what each person is trying to write in your posts, very different from using previous copy to provide the same experience .

This way, it’s the first time an application promises to really anticipate what the user is typing, which speeds up the writing process. This is even better for those who don’t like this type of tool and prefer the good old mechanical keyboard for computers, notebooks, and tablets.

Waiting for more languages

SwiftKey Neural Alpha is only available in English. This means that forecasts can only be identified if they are written in this language. As the program is in alpha, more languages โ€‹โ€‹are expected to be added soon.

It’s amazing how something simple represents the future of our writing. In building an artificial neural network engine, the company is trying not only to improve its product, but also to revolutionize one of humanity’s older capabilities.

Free download: SwiftKey Neural Alpha for Windows and Mac

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