Steps for downloading SMS Scheduler for PC using BlueStacks [Download]

SMS Scheduler-PC-Windows-MacSMS Scheduler for PC is an app that sends your SMS text messages automatically from your PC. The app works smartly to sort messages and send them at a time you manually set.

The app is a great tool for sending promotional SMS text, sending out invitations, and other bulk SMS texting purposes.
The nice thing about it SMS scheduler for PC is that it doesn’t split long messages into two parts. No matter how long your text is, the app organizes it in a whole text and sends it that way.

Although SMS Scheduler was originally developed for Android systems, you can use it with a PC / laptop BlueStacks emulator As you will find out in the download steps at the end of this article. But first here is a summary of the app’s features.

SMS scheduler app apk screenscharacteristics

  • Multilingual support
  • Does not share text
  • Automatically selects contacts
  • Creates organized conversation threads
  • After switching on the PC, past messages are sent automatically

How to download SMS Scheduler for PC

SMS scheduler for PC download

1. Get BlueStacks by downloading it from The official website of BlueStack.
BlueStacks will install in less than a minute and you can move on to the next step.
2. Open an account on Google Play if you don’t already have one.
3. Go to your BlueStacks homepage and search for “Google Play Store”.
4. Search for “SMS Scheduler for PC” in the Google Play Store search engine.
5. Click the download button in the top left and allow time to download.
6. When done, click Install. The app will be installed in your BlueStacks window.

Note: BlueStacks may charge a fee, but you do not have to pay it. Just select the “Install Apps” button and you’ll be given access to keep using them for free.

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