SOMA Messenger for PC (Windows 7/8/10/Mac) – Free Download [Download]

SOMA-Messenger-for-PC-WindowsSOMA Messenger is a WhatsApp-like application for exchanging text messages, voice and video. In addition to the famous Messenger, the SUM also allows unlimited calls and is free for users.

The difference between the two services is that the SUM has a more advanced technology: data encryption. The function causes all conversations made in the app to be saved under codes that are no longer permitted if they are not known. That is, a user eager to eavesdrop on messages cannot find out what was written, spoken, or viewed on a video in the app.

Another good difference between SUM and WhatsApp is the first one where the user never pays a fare to install the app. There are no monthly fees or any kind of recovery, even after a year of use. The service is free while in use.

Our opinion on SOMA Messenger for PC

With its simple and intuitive operation, SOMA Messenger goes beyond simple chat. The application allows you to chat in groups, can get a great reply to messages, and communication through the application is fast. In addition, the conversation through the videos in HD (high definition) is one point more on the competitor.

One of the highlights of the SOMA, besides the number of features that are HD video calling, voice calling (including international calls), and text messaging, is the fact that it offers the user a super functional service that is fast and beautiful.

The tool’s UI is quite user-friendly, with visual elements even similar to WhatsApp, so nobody gets lost installing the app, which makes the usability very intuitive.

Two other great options in the service are the read receive messages and emojis to make the exchange of texts more interesting and dynamic.

The app does not yet have an online version for browsers and is still rarely used, but it is without a doubt one of the most successful alternatives after the appearance of WhatsApp. SOMA Messenger works on computers and laptops running Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10 and Mac OS X. Try it now!

Free download: SOMA Messenger for PC

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