Snapbrite for PC – Windows and Mac – Free Download [Download]

Snapbrite-for-PC-Windows-and-Mac-free downloadSnapbrite is a photo and moment sharing application specially designed for people who are more concerned about their family’s privacy. Here you add the members in a private network manually and can publish any pictures and messages you want without making them available to other people on the Internet.

Although the program only says with Android version, the content can be accessed through a computer’s browser through certain links so that anyone can access the material without having to install the app.

To gain access to the system, you need to create an account with a valid email address. You can also use your Google / Google + profile or Facebook to speed up the process.

In the main menu, you can find all of the posts under the Moments tab and all of the photos under the Photos tab. In the first option, “Family”, you will find all registered family members. From this screen you can add new members and children, and invite friends or relatives to join the app.

Free download: Snapbrite for PC and Mac

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