Shine Music for PC, Laptop (Windows & Mac) – Free Download [Download]

Shine-Music-for-PC-Windows-Mac-DownloadWhat is Shine Music App?

This is an app that allows you to enjoy free music and YouTube videos on your device. You will find that it was developed by Jiron Studio and later published on the Google Play Store. The latest version of Shine Music was updated on February 5, 2020.

If you go to … Google Play Storeyou can easily find this app in the entertainment category. This app can currently be downloaded for free. So you can enjoy your favorite music and videos from almost every artist in the world for free.

Main features of the Shine Music app

Shine Music Android App Apk Features

This app has some incredible features that might fascinate you. These include:

1. Recommends the most popular music in the world

Some artists usually publish music or online and their work goes viral. This means that their music or video will be known to many people. If you are looking for a specific song that you have heard from a lot of people out there, this app is an easy way to get that song online. It recommends the most popular songs for you. That way, you won’t struggle to find those songs out there.

2. Powerful audio

If you want to enjoy audio songs while traveling, this app is for you. You can be confident that you will be able to hear the best quality audio tracks.

3. Presence of many songs

Some music apps only display a few songs by different artists. Such apps can prevent you from listening to your favorite songs. The good news is that the Shine Music app has many songs performed by different artists.

4. User-friendly interface

This app has a great user interface. You can be confident that you will have no difficulty using this app on your mobile phone or PC. This interface is beautiful too. This makes this app better than other music apps out there.

5. Allows you to search for the songs you want

With this app you can not only search for your favorite music genre. All you have to do is enter the name of the songs you want and you will get various results for you to choose from.

6. It’s free

If you want to download some apps from the Google Play Store, you have to pay for them. However, this app is different. You will find that it is free with no internal purchases. It’s purely free.

How to download the Shine Music app for PC

Most of the apps you can find these days are designed for mobile platforms only. Therefore, you can only use them on a smartphone or tablet. However, this has changed over time. As we speak, you can easily use Android apps on your PC.

Therefore, you can still download the Shine Music app on your PC and use it as you would on a mobile device. All you need to download first is an Android emulator so that you can get started. The following main steps can guide you:


1. Download the BlueStacks emulator on your PC and install it.

2. Once you have installed this app, you should start it.

3. Once it is open, you can see the home screen of this emulator.

4. Since the Google Play Store is preinstalled in the BlueStacks, you will find the Playstore on the start screen. Double click the icon to open it.

5. Enter your Google credentials, find the Shine Music app and click Install.

6. Once you click the Install button, this app will be installed on your computer.

7. Finally, start the app and start using it right away.


1. Will Shine Music apk work well if I can’t download an emulator for my PC?

No. You need to download an Android emulator for your computer in order for the Shine Music Android Package Kit to work optimally on your computer. Remember that the Shine Music apk is an Android package and therefore an Android emulator is ideal for this purpose.

2. After downloading Shine Music for PC, can I listen to my favorite music?

Yes. With this app you can listen to millions of songs on YouTube. All you have to do is search for the name of the song and you will get several results for you to choose from. This makes it better compared to other apps that only display a few songs online.

3. How much does it cost to install the Shine Music app?

This app can be installed for free. As a result, you will not be charged anything to download it to your device.

4. How long does it take to download the Shine Music app for PC?

Depending on your internet connection, it will only take you a few minutes to download this app. As long as you have an Android emulator installed on your PC, you’re good to go.


If you are looking for a great yet simple music app, the Shine Music app is the ultimate solution for you. It has a user-friendly interface and allows you to search for your favorite song online. Install this app on your PC and you won’t get frustrated.

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