Sannce Cam for PC – Free Download – Windows and Mac [Download]

Sannce-Cam-for-PC-free-download-Windows-and-MacSannce Cam App for PC – Review, Features and Installation

Most security camera apps work well with cameras from the same manufacturer. You will find that the two will not work properly if you use a different camera and app. However, there are still apps that can work with any camera. While such applications are difficult to find, it is important to do your research carefully to determine the type of camera you need for your surveillance app, or vice versa.

The Sannce camera app for the PC is a surveillance camera that not only works well with the Sannce camera. It works fine with other cameras too. This article will tell you more about this camera and what makes it a good surveillance app.

Sannce Cam App

The Sannce Cam app is a surveillance camera app that connects to the Sannce camera to broadcast live video and view live recordings from the camera. This app works on smartphones, but you can use it on your PC using an Android emulator.

The app can also use a two-way connection and notify you if there is any unusual movement in front of the camera. As mentioned earlier, most surveillance apps work well with their specific IP cameras and DVR cameras. The Sannce Cam app for PC is a little different from these. The Sannce Cam app can establish a correct connection with any camera as long as it is a P2P camera.

Sannce cam app camera functions

While most apps are reluctant to offer clear live footage, Sannce, on the other hand, offers a live HD view of the Sannce or other P2P camera. The app also enables video recording which is very good for recording and storing things that you haven’t seen live. Video playback allows you to watch such videos later when you are relaxed and free.

The notifications are also very handy. With the playback feature, you can easily view the notification and see exactly when the unusual movement happened and how it happened. No video is lost with the Sannce Cam app as all videos are saved in local storage. However, you can save the videos from local storage to cloud storage to ensure that they are completely safe.

Sannce CCTV app does not work

Some users may find it difficult to connect the Sannce camera app to the Sannce camera. If you are one of these users, stick with it to help resolve your dilemma. Firstly, the Sannce monitoring app is a plug and play app. This means that the ID and port number of a camera are not required. The only thing required to connect to the camera is the camera ID and password.

To do this, you need a Sannce Vision cloud login. Also note that the process of connecting the Sannce camera app to the Sannce camera does not change. it always stays the same. You should also make sure that your WIFI connection is stable and working in the correct condition.

Is the Sannce Camera App available for download on the PC?

As mentioned earlier, Sannce works on mobile devices. However, you can download Sannce using an emulator and install it on your PC. Android emulators are available for both Mac and Windows devices. For this tutorial, we recommend using the BlueStacks Android Emulator for Windows and Nox App Player for Mac Computers.

How to Download Sannce Camera for PC (Windows and Mac)

As mentioned earlier, we will be downloading the BlueStacks for Sannce Cam app for Windows. However, downloading the app on a Mac computer is the same for Mac computers.

For Windows and Mac download, do the following:

Step 1. Download and install BlueStacks on your Mac or Windows computer. You must also provide the correct information so that BlueStacks can be configured and run on your computer.


Step 2. After installing BlueStacks, you will need to provide your details for a Gmail account in the same way that we log into our Android devices. BlueStacks requires a Google Account to run Google Apps on your computer.

Step 3. After logging into the Gmail account in BlueStacks, you need to go back to the BlueStacks homepage and enter the Sannce-Cam app in the search bar. Once it appears, click on it.

Step 4. On a new page, tap the Install button. If you see a popup just like you did on your Android device, click Accept to start the download.

Step 5. Once the Sannce Cam app has been downloaded, you can access it through my apps in BlueStacks and use it to view live footage from the camera view.


Surveillance apps are essential for the operation of surveillance cameras. However, you need to make sure that the security camera app you download is useful. The Sannce Cam App is a very reliable surveillance app that allows you to effectively monitor your camera’s view.

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