20 Best Sandboxie Alternatives in 2020

IT businesses and even personal users use many protection tools and software programs every year to protect their computers. You have too many crucial files, files, and folders on your pc. Moreover, we additionally download many on-line movies and films on PC which may affect the computer. Sandboxie is a powerful software program that makes an effort to keep your computer safe. But here in this article, we will gonna tell you about the Best Sandboxie alternatives.

Best Sandboxie Alternatives

Playing video games on your laptop might also have an effect on your running gadget with viruses or malware. You could save your computer from viruses from entering your machine with the use of the Alternatives for Sandboxie. It additionally protects all of your crucial files and folders. There are various alternatives for Sandboxie available on the internet which you could use on your computers.



BufferZone is one of the high-quality for those who love net browsing. Whether or not it is your favorite film or a game, you may download the entirety on your laptop with the assist of this tool. It also protects your non-public statistics from outdoor events. Also, it’s recommended to do online shopping on this website. Further, this tool additionally protects your IP deal with and other personal information from hackers and doors assets. It additionally continues your device clean.

Enigma Virtual Box

Enigma Virtual Box is an advanced stage of system protection gadget that is based totally on the machine of sandboxing and virtualization. After installing Enigma Digital, users will no longer need to install any other antivirus or system safety application. Because Enigma Virtual Box is capable of shielding the gadget against all sorts of undesirable adjustments, both these are coming via the web world or going on offline sports.

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The manner of running of the Enigma Virtual sandbox is totally unique from most of the sandboxing and virtualization programs. It makes the apps files and registry documents able to be consolidated in a single executable file without even loss of performance and without a virtualized report having to be extracted to the difficult disk drives.

Microsoft Application Virtualization

Sandboxie Alternatives

Microsoft Application Virtualization is a software that is called the Microsoft App-V. It’s far from the virtualization system by Microsoft that makes the customers in a position to test the brand new packages within the home windows operating systems without even clearly putting them in than directly at the pc.

Microsoft Application Virtualization makes it less complicated for the IT specialists to set up throughout a fleet of devices by permitting entry to virtualized programs to any authorized pc purchaser.


Sandboxie Alternatives

Spoon is a program for checking out any software and alertness without even installing it on the pc. The manner of operating is a little extraordinary compared to the normal sandbox and virtualization technology-based packages. Spoon also provides the answer of testing any new application and software without even installing it in the gadget.

The software program is available in three variations which might be Spoon Browser Sandbox, Spoon Selenium Sandbox, and Spoon square Sandbox. Spoon Browser Sandbox gives the solution for checking out all versions of the leading internet browsers in an internet environment. Spoon Selenium Sandbox is the online gadget of Spoon for having access to the functions of limitless computerized trying out.

Shadow Defender

Sandboxie Alternatives

Shadow Defender is a complicated laptop protection alternatives for Sandboxie that makes the customers of windows able to defend the real surroundings and save you from making unwanted modifications without permission. It’s far a shape of making a fake or virtual surrounding within the machine, just like the actual operating environment inside the machine.

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These virtual surroundings will now make the customers capable of shielding their laptop or computer from being attacked by way of malicious threats or undesirable adjustments. It’ll run the machine within the form of Shadow Mode so that it will be a fake surroundings just like the actual environment of the gadget.



Mbox is primarily based at the era of sandbox and primarily deployed for configuration or keep on the ones sports at the machine that are suspicious. And in case you want configuration or need the troubleshooting assistance and want to deliver lower back your machine to the earliest stage to discard all the ones new modifications. Then Mbox might be in reality a wonderful help for you.

It will run the gadget within the shape of the sandbox that will be a faux environment inside the device, just like the real environment of the system. All adjustments may be made on it instead of happening at the actual one. Mbox is a protection tool designed to defend the computer and computer from any greater changes.


Sandboxie Alternatives

GeSWall is the call of the advanced degree of intrusion prevention machine that itself is straightforward to apply and non-intrusive machine. The solution guarantees the secure use of the internet and offers a secure net surroundings.

GeSWall will make you able to pick among advocates and destroy. It’s miles a manner to preserve the online environment secure and secure for you. The software program is not approximately securing the browsing most effectively, it will defend the internet, on-line chatting, sharing, and almost each and everything secure and secure for you. GeSWall is a business and smooth to use software program that permits the users to surf the internet, e-mail, chat effectively, moving files no matter threats published on the net.


Sandboxie Alternatives

Evalaze is another alternative for Sandboxie that permits the customers to install any new program into it. It appears to be suspicious in a faux environment in place of enabling it first to install within the actual surroundings of the actual working structures. The software is specifically designed for the ones developers who’re required to address many programs. It may be harmful to their laptop because of the probabilities of containing risky and malicious factors.

Evalaze will generate a digital assistant for you in the system with the intention to make you capable of trying the installation on the virtual account in preference to direct set up. Amongst plenty of capabilities of virtualization and the features of Evalaze are that it supports the multiple equal apps to be run in parallel with the equal machine.

Enigma Protector

Sandboxie Alternatives

Enigma Protector is designed through the builders of Enigma virtual field and an extra superior and relaxed mode of virtualization compared to the Enigma digital box. It’s far from a software program licensing, software program safety, and software program virtualization device based on the technology of sandboxing and virtualization.

The software is stated to be the fantastically superior and professional device for executable record licensing and safety. Enigma Protector specially designed for the complete protection of the executable files. The 3 most important regions of functioning of Enigma Protector is report safety, licensing gadget, and virtual container.

VMware ThinApp

Sandboxie Alternatives

Every now and then installing any new software or software program within the machine can be harmful. VMware ThinApp is based totally in the era of virtualization and sandbox that allow the users to boost up the app deployment and simplify the technique of migration of records.

The 5 essential capabilities that are carried out with the aid of the VMware ThinApp are OS migrations, computer security, software isolation, utility mobility, and server consolidation. A real programmer can apprehend the importance of these kinds of advantages in unmarried software.

Software Virtualization Solution

Sandboxie Alternatives

Are you searching out a utility that provides you the system of creating faux surroundings or virtual surroundings against the real environment? Right here is the high-quality option for you referred to as Virtualization solution. It’s miles free for non-public use and permits the users to strive for the brand new software, tool speed, and even the FPS sport without additionally polluting the system.

It’ll be surely hard for you after putting in the preferred program, and you will comprehend that it is not the only you had been seeking out. Now you’re required to delete the complete setup or every file in the registry.

Deep Freeze

Sandboxie Alternatives

Deep Freeze or Faronics Deep Freeze is a software utility available to apply on Microsoft windows and Mac running structures. The software allows administrators to guard the center OS and configuration files on the computer or server with the aid of restoring a laptop to the default configuration; whenever the laptop is restarted.

It is also referred to as a Reboot to restore software. Deep Freeze is a great preference for a variety of PC troubles, and it is able to avoid the associated problems of malware, ransomware, and one of a kind sorts of accidental changes by way of customers.

Comodo Time Machine

Comodo Time Machine

The Comodo Time machine is a rollback machine program primarily based on the functions of virtualization sandboxing. It’s miles operated through the Comodo that is popularly referred to as providing the Chromium-based internet browsers.

The Comodo Time system has its way of creating the gadget its users preserve and at ease. In place of developing the virtualization environment, it’s miles based totally on the solution of making a repair factor. First after which allowing the users to put in new software that they need to check.

Comodo Internet Security

Comodo Internet

Comodo Internet Security is a sandboxing solution for online sports handiest. Approach Comodo net security can be used for online sports most effectively and securing the system from online threats most effectively. In case you are looking for a sandboxing virtualization machine for trying out new applications, then Comodo net safety is an appropriate alternative for you.

Comodo Internet Security aims to keep the device of customers safe by including the multi-layered safety system and making it feasible for the users to get the unknown files robotically sandboxed. Comodo Internet Security is totally exceptional from different sorts of internet protection providers whose primary reason is to keep the device secure and comfy and is one of the best alternatives for Sandboxie.

Cuckoo Sandbox

Cuckoo Sandbox Alternatives

Cuckoo Sandbox is a software program checking software that makes the users of windows running structures able to check the fitness of recent software programs before installing it on the computer. In contrast to creating the virtual surroundings completely, its manner of operating is a bit one-of-a-kind from the ones programs that create the digital environment inside the gadget.

Cuckoo Sandbox is an open-source automatic and modular malware analysis device for home windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. The web and cloud-based total model of Cuckoo Sandbox for software program checking is likewise available now. It enables the customers to generate a remote home windows visitor environment to run thoroughly any new application or software.

ICore Virtual Account

icore virtual account
icore virtual account

ICore Virtual Account that became previously called the iCore pc three-in-1 is a virtualization technology-primarily based program to sandbox. The software program is a relatively new program inside the global of sandboxing but is doing nicely because of possessing the country of the art protection technology.

ICore virtual Account is a program to be able to appreciably reduce the threats attached to the set up of the new plan or exchange the configuration of the system. The running fashion of iCore digital Account is plenty just like that of different sandboxing packages.

Toolwiz TimeFreeze

toolwiz timefreeze

Toolwiz TimeFreeze is a machine restore application primarily based on the generation of virtualization and makes the customers capable of discarding any unwanted adjustments that end up part of the system. Commercial or premium software programs are a good deal of time cozy in comparison to all the different free software.

Loose packages and packages may be greater dangerous to the machine because those comprise extra viruses and malware compared to the top rate one. When you install those errors and malware containing programs on your gadget, those will exchange the placing of your machine.



BitBox is a free digital environment writer for windows and Linux. It’s far used for easy and secure internet surfing. Today nearly everyone uses the net to finish a diffusion of responsibilities together with to send and obtain messages, percentage doctors, and lots extra. But the net global is not relaxed. Exceptional forms of threats stole your facts and got hold of any threats or malfunctions applications from the internet.

Right here comes an answer that enables you to deliver a virtual environment that gives us comfy surfing. So, via this device, you may guard your device against any malware and facts leakage. Anything browser you’re the usage of, it will come inside the shadow of BitBox that is why it is also called a ‘browser inside the container.’

Hopedot VOS


Hopedot VOS is a superior and professional software program that allows you to create entirely new virtual surroundings much like windows running structures to your gadget. After that, you may deploy and run new applications or software as you do on windows working structures.

It also provides private privacy for the net, and all of your user accounts records could be impossible to get admission to by using any 1/3 birthday celebration. In short, you could carry out those entire obligations which you play on your real home windows operating structures.

 SHADE Sandbox

shade sandbox

SHADE Sandbox is a protection enhancement tool for the windows operating systems. It’s far said to be the substitute of the antivirus and safety tools for the home windows working systems because of being based totally on the safety features of the antivirus packages.

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But, at the same time, the software is very exclusive from the antivirus because the manner of running and safety structures of coloration Sandbox is very different from the antivirus based application. The concept behind the operation is primarily based on the concept of virtualization that keeps the machine clean from malware and different forms of protection problems.


Internet surfing, playing games and downloading outside files can make an easy way in for viruses and malware inside the computer. These were some of the most authentic Sandboxie alternatives which enhance the performance of your computer with the help of making it clean and new like the first day. And most importantly you don’t have to pay an extra buck to use them.

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