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PhoneLeash-for-PC-Mac-Windows-Free-DownloadPhoneLeash is a free app for Android that forwards SMS messages from your phone to email and vice versa. The user can receive and reply to a text message from the device or by email that is registered with the service. The big advantage of the app is that everything is very easy.

Our opinion on PhoneLeash for PC

PhoneLeash also gives the user the option to find the lost phone via a GPS system turned on and in combination with WiFi, both of which run at the same time. The app continues to inform the user of the state of the battery, which prompts them to be careful about how much time is left to operate the phone before turning it off.

Although it has “extras”, the flagship feature of reading SMS by email and reading email messages over the phone via SMS is the application’s biggest and best attraction. The service works well, is agile and without bureaucracy.

In the test, the app was able to read a cell phone text message just seconds after sending the content. Although communication is not automatic, the time it takes for the message to be sent to the e-mail is only a few seconds. Please note that after installation, the application must be activated by entering the subsequently registered password.

Another positive point was the number of setting options. The user can choose whether to use one or more phones, select the contacts from the list for whom delivery or sending SMS / email messages is worthwhile, and still decide whether to only send texts and want to receive or just one of the two. One detail: it is possible to send MMS messages (you can send pictures and videos).

The project is unique to Android and answering machines with newer versions of the system (2.2) that encompasses most of the guest operating system, even the oldest. PhoneLeash like. The only point on the other hand is the surface, a little rough, with big buttons, yellow, far from being a nifty screen. But for all the features that are worth the download.

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