Mobo Launcher for PC and Mac (Windows 7/8/10) – Free Download [Download]

Mobo-Launcher-for-PC-MacMobo Launcher PC is a good application for those who want to customize the actions and appearance of Android but don’t want to spend a lot of storage space or even leave the appliance too slow. It’s light in all directions – takes up less than 3MB on the device and hasn’t caused any performance updates – and is very interesting.

Customization with themes

To change the look of your phone, your mobo uses different themes that are available in sufficient quantities for download. Many of them are in HD, but not all, so the appearance you choose may not fit 100% to fit a screen. Even so, it’s interesting to see how easy it is to use and select design packs.

Just select, download and apply. You don’t have to do anything else. The main apps have matching custom icons. others are given some sort of border to keep them in the suggested visual style. However, you cannot adjust it manually. This means that when you are using the Mobo you cannot use icons for individual changes.

This limitation is part of the simple proposition of the Mobo Launcher: it has almost no manual settings for its appearance, which is interesting for those who want to change the face of Android with just a few clicks. Those who want to personalize everything down to the smallest detail may have to choose a launcher other than Apex.

Widgets and gestures

Despite its simplicity, the Mobo Launcher has several additional elements like a memory booster and gestures that open up interesting tools. Slide your finger up on your desktop to open multiple quick settings, for example, which will make the cell navigate faster.

It doesn’t bring any exclusivity – that kind of gesture, and even booting up the memory, are tools that are in other starters – but it’s one of the simplest and does all of this in an interesting way. It looks good, is easy to move and full of little extra features.

Is it worth?

The mode may not be the most complete starter for those who want to personalize everything, but it is certainly a very interesting alternative for those who don’t want to take up space and have a cell with little memory. It’s easy, has very nice themes, and is definitely worth testing.

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