Minimal Todo for PC and Mac – Free Download [Download]

Minimal-Todo-For-PC-Mac-Free-DownloadMinimal Todo is a Lean task manager that was specially developed for quick and intuitive usability. The app follows the standard design material from Google, which means that the Android interface Lollipop or higher is seamlessly integrated.

All registered tasks can be found in the main menu. To register a new promotion, simply tap the “+” button in the lower right corner. The following screen is very intuitive as only one field needs to be filled in: “tittle” (title).

In “Remind me” you can activate a reminder of the time (“TIME”) or the time (“TIME”) for a task. In this way, the application can warn you of an important appointment or avoid forgetting to perform a service.

To delete an item from your list, tap it and slide your finger left or right. Minimal Todo is completely free and doesn’t even display any kind of microtransaction propaganda that detracts from the usability.

Download Minimal Todo for PC and Mac

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