KK AppLock for PC and Mac – Windows 7, 8, 10 – Free Download [Download]

KK-AppLock-for-PC-Mac-Windows-free downloadKK AppLock PC is a program used to block applications that you have installed on your device using Android. In addition, it expands its functionality to include system settings and even connectivity options. To do this, he sets a master password that is required for the use of elements that are subject to the security rule.

Another interesting point is that it can be activated remotely (if this alternative is activated in the settings). The program’s user interface is easy to use and presents installed applications and device options in a list with the default icon for each one for easy visual identification.

One of the great advantages of the application is its ease of use, as the person only has to press a button to activate it. Likewise, if you want to remove protection from an app, you only need one touch to undo the previously applied action.

The same applies to the settings available in the program, which usually consist of selecting the desired option.

Protect your device

Initially, the type of password applied by the program is a number inserted via a virtual keyboard displayed by the application itself, rather than a designed pattern. However, if you want to change this feature, the app also gives you the option to select the model drawn on the screen in your settings.

With KK App Lock configurations, you can choose to have the protection run automatically or apply manual parameters. In addition, you can enable the feature so that it cannot be uninstalled by the application or the options for the appliance itself.

You can also change your Android lock screen settings and prevent access to the device’s Task Manager (this must be put in the password configured to perform the action). So if you want to increase the protection of your device, you should definitely test the KK AppLock.

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