Kite Launcher for PC – Windows and Mac – Free Download [Download]

Kite-Launcher-for-PC-DownloadKite Launcher is a resource for anyone who has a simpler phone but wants to customize it with a new user interface. It has widgets, themes and works on devices with Android 3.0 or higher.

To use it, just open it up for the first time and follow the steps to make it your default launcher. You can customize the apps that appear on the home screen and create shortcuts and folders.

Kite Launcher is mainly designed for users who have a mobile phone with few resources and cannot install more powerful options like Apex, Go, Aviate and many others. That said, it gives priority to the economy of storage and processing and can give your Android a new look without sacrificing the speed and agility.

Kite Launcher allows you to create multiple screens of shortcuts and widgets and provide some of these features natively. For example, a clock with date and time information is displayed on the home screen, which is transparent and elegant. All icons will change according to the screen where you can download new customizations for free.

Browse the kite’s gift shop themes and download the customizations you prefer – this is done through the Play Store. To apply, simply open the Settings app. Kite Launcher Battery expands account and allows you to automatically organize your applications by category. Kite Launcher runs on Windows XP / Vista / 7/8 and Mac OS X.

Free download: Kite Launcher for PC

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