Install Me Browser App for PC (Windows & Mac) [Download]

me-browser-for-pc-mac-downloadThe internet is home to most of our daily activities. Most activities range from shopping, email, business, and lightweight research to surfing. With the revolution in electronics, you can now easily access the internet from your phone anytime, anywhere. The use of standard Android searched has a pool of its drawbacks. To counter this problem, a number of developers have created revolutionary browsing applications.

One of the best and arguably the largest is that I browser. The browser has a variety of premium features that improve both the browsing experience and the speed compared to its competitors. There is only the app available for AndroidThis is a disadvantage for most of the people on different platforms. However, you can conveniently use the app with the BlueStacks emulator on your computer.

Download the BlueStacks software

The BlueStacks application installs an Android virtual environment on your PC. In the BlueStacks app, you can easily install and use your Android apps right from your computer. To start using BlueStacksyou can simply download and install it from Official site of BlueStacks. The app is freeware, so you won’t be asked to pay or register to download it. To download, just go to your PC browser and navigate to the BlueStacks page. Find the download icon and start the download. Wait for the download to complete.

Install Bluestacks

When the download is complete, navigate to your PC download directory. Double-click the downloaded file to start the installation. Make sure you have enough space to support the installation. Once the installation has started, an installation wizard will appear to guide you through the BlueStacks installation process.
Please note that the installation may take a while, depending on the performance of your PC.

Download Me Browser apk file

After successfully installing the app, you should be able to start BlueStacks on your PC. Go back to your browser to download the Me Browser apk file. There are a number of websites including Apkmonk, Apkmania, and Uptodown that make it easy to download apk files. Find the apk file and download it to your computer in preparation for installation.

Me browser installation

When the download is complete, navigate to your downloads directory and locate the Me Browser apk file. The file should have a BlueStacks icon, indicating that the apk file has already been linked to the BlueStacks app. Double click on it to start installing on BlueStacks. A prompt indicates the status of the installation. Please wait while installing.


Me Browser App for PC

After the installation is complete, you can simply return to the BlueStacks app. Click the app icon to display it installed apps. At this point, you should see the Me Browser icon in the window that appears. Click on it to start. You can now use the app just like on any Android device with access to all functions of the app.


The Me browser sets limits to mobile surfing. Just because it’s not available on PC shouldn’t get in the way of your use. Me browser is a powerful Android browser that you should use. Install it on your computer with the BlueStacks emulator to get the most out of the application’s features.

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