Install HOOQ APP on PC using an Android Emulator [Download]

install-hooq-app-pc-using-bluestacks-emulatorDo you want to catch up on the favorite news about conversations when the core drops? Well, no need to sweat it out. HOOQ the app is required. With it, you could borrow and watch thousands of fresh films and TV series from theaters. It’s practical and stays on trend.

However, the problem arises when you want to install this app on your PC because you are always on the go with your laptop or because the pictures / videos / films are easier to see on the big screen than on the computer. Do not sweat. Here is what you need to do.

This is a step-by-step guide to getting the HOOQ APP installed on your Windows system or a Mac.

You must have this first BlueStacks software downloaded. This can be downloaded from the developer website or other trusted third party websites.


BlueStacks is a software developed in America popularly known as an emulator. This means that mobile apps like HOOQ can easily be used for PC or Mac.

1. Start the BlueStacks emulator (run as administrator) on your PC.
2. Go to the Android tab and click on it. Keep clicking the All Apps icon.
3. A box or bar appears with a search indicator that you can use to search for Android mobile apps. Click the Find App field and enter HOOQ.
After that, click on the search icon and wait for it to load.
Once that’s done, you’re there. You can boast of having one HOOQ for Windows or a HOOQ for Mac.

Alternatively, you can run HOOQ on your Windows or Mac

To get the HOOQ for PC you can visit Google Play Store directly from your Windows system or a Mac.
1. Click the Search tab and enter the app, in this case HOOQ. Download the app to an easy-to-follow location. Like the desktop.
2. Click on the app and agree to the terms of use. To install.
3. After the installation, start the BlueStacks software from your computer.
4. Switch to the Android app taskbar to select the app.
5. If it’s not on the system tray, click All Apps. HOOQ indicates that you can start it.
Here we go.

Get HOOQ for PC via the APK file

If you prefer the raw file from HOOQ, i.e. the APK, and have gladly installed the app on your PC from there, this is also no problem.
You definitely need to have the BlueStacks emulator already installed on your PC.

1. Download the raw app file. HOOQ APK. This would be obtained from a third party app website. Download to an easy-to-follow location. (Always remember to make sure your downloads are from trusted sources.)
2. Open the BlueStacks emulator. You have the option of installing the app via APK. “Install via APK” is displayed on the toolbar.
3. Browse your system for the location of the downloaded APK file for HOOQ. Open the source.
4. The BlueStacks emulator will automatically install and run the file.
5. You can always access the HOOQ app on your PC via the BlueStacks, be it on a Mac or a Windows system.

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