Install AtHome Camera for PC (Windows 7, 8, 10, Mac) [Download]

install-athome-camera-pc-windows-7-8-10-macThe need to get things done robs you of the best moments in your child’s life. This is when you need to be there most to catch the best years of your life. You have not made complete peace leaving your boy in the care of others without supervision. Whether it’s a guardian or a nanny, it’s hard to get comfortable with. You may still want to see them when they sleep in the nursery or dance around the house briskly like all toddlers do.

Surveillance is great for checking out your little one. The AtHome camera App is perfect if you want optimal comfort in monitoring your home or room of your choice. The app offers you the performance of several security systems in one, from the highly optimized surveillance camera to a nanny camera to a pet camera, a spy camera and much more. It even has a sensor that records and notifies you when something is done on your device’s screen.

AtHome camera as a nanny camera

For example, let’s say you plan to use it like a nanny camera for security reasons to keep an eye on your home. There is no directness with nanny cams, they are easy to spot when people are compromising on what they would normally do without knowing that they are being watched. You can go undetected with the use of the AtHome app installed on a’s UI Laptop or computer that you planted in your house. You can control it from any compatible smartphone from anywhere in the world.

AtHome as a surveillance camera

Sometimes, keeping the premise in mind while you are away can be a good investment for you. Do not leave room for unjustified behavior from those looking after your child or just to provide an extra level of security for your home.

When you are less concerned about safety and just want to keep up with your baby, pet, or the people at home, the internet is where you can interact bidirectional communication option that’s included. Depending on the quality of the device and the internet connection, both audio and video are permitted.

Downloading the AtHome camera for PC (Windows 7/8/10 / Mac)

The app is available to both AtHome camera for Mac and AtHome camera for Windows. All you have to do is run them through BlueStacks App Player to have full functionality of the application.


1. Download BlueStacks

The first step is to download the BlueStacks Android simulator from BlueStacks official site. Once it’s installed on your PC, you can install it by following all the steps in the interface.

2. Install the BlueStacks app

Follow all installation instructions. Do not select the option to run the software yet.

3. Install the AtHome camera

You can find this by downloading it from the Google Store. Just enter “AtHome Camera” in the search bar. Once that’s done, you can install it on your PC or save the APK on your mobile device to transfer to a PC / laptop.

4. Open the AtHome Camera App

Run the BlueStacks application and find the AtHome icon in the menu of installed applications or find the Apk. Follow the steps to launch the application and that is all you should be able to use AtHome Camera on your PC and Mac.

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