Install Alien VPN on your Personal Computer with BlueStacks [Download]

Alien-VPN-for-PC-Windows-MacIf you’re looking for a faster, smoother, easy-to-use free VPN, you have to give it a try Alien VPN. The Alien VPN application plays an essential role for any internet user as it allows you to surf without any restrictions. It is an application that provides safe, faster and more stable service anywhere, anytime.

An overview of Alien VPN

The Alien VPN acts as a tool that allows you to access any site regardless of the restrictions and restrictions in your area. With Alien VPN you can easily open any website globally without any problems or leaving any traces.

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How does Alien VPN work?

The Alien VPN has a user-friendly and intuitive interface, with the main tab containing just one button. The button allows you to tap and start your connection process as well as terminate the connection. The VPN will automatically connect and provide a faster connection while specifying the desired location.

In addition, there is a long list of countries where you can choose any other location offered by the Alien VPN. Find somewhere on the planet to orientate yourself and connect via the Alien VPN. Enjoy your browsing session as if you were physically present in the selected country. Thanks to Alien VPN, you can surf in other countries anytime and from anywhere without having to worry about restrictions.

Steps to Download Alien VPN for PC (Windows and Mac)


  1. Access the application by downloading and installing the BlueStacks for PC.
  2. Once you’ve downloaded and installed the emulator, open it up.
  3. Open the Google Play Store in the emulator.
  4. Find the Alien VPN in the Play Store and install it using the given APK file. Before installing the Alien VPN APK file, make sure you enable the Unknown Resources settings.
  5. Install the application and follow the instructions to use it.
  6. Have fun browsing.

Features of Alien VPN

  • It has an AES 256-bit encryption tunnel.
  • Comes with network protection leak mechanism.
  • Unlimited bandwidth.

Benefits of Alien VPN

  • It’s free with no registration required.
  • Comes with infinite network acceleration, providing the fastest network connection to any server in the world.
  • It offers a 24/7 limescale monitoring system that ensures you are getting optimal acceleration services.
  • Alien VPN offers several free lines.
  • It has a physical location on six continents.
  • Alien VPN has 70,000+ global IP addresses and 200+ servers.
  • Has a private and secure connection with the ability to remove viruses and malware from your internet connection.

Cons of Alien VPN

  • It is difficult to use the Alien VPN directly on your PC without an emulator as it is not available on Mac OS and Windows.


The Alien VPN gives you a safe and fun way to connect to the internet and engage in various activities. There are tons of site proxy servers to choose from that will work best and suit your needs.

With Alien VPN, your internet activity is encrypted so that no one can track your daily online steps. Get one today and bypass active firewalls, enjoy live streaming, and connect anonymously. Surf the whole day with complete freedom because with Alien VPN your online life is organized.

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