Install Airtime App on Windows 7, 8, 10 and Mac OS [Download]

Airtime-Live-Video-Chat-for-PC-Windows-7-8-10-Mac-Free DownloadA relaxing way to spend your free time is to watch a favorite TV series or funny videos. Airtime gives the next level for team chat and video chat. Airtime has features to meet and handle these requirements Android and iOS Applications to improve people’s video calling. Airtime offers more functions than similar apps, Hangouts, Facetime or Skype. In addition to bringing people together in a chat room, Airtime lets you navigate to a specific TV show or YouTube, including even Group texts, gifts, image exchange.

Airtime is a new application, modern, easy to use and created using the best programming techniques. Developers answer all reviews from PC, Android or iOS users. Some negative reviews have been resolved; After a new test, the comments received five stars, which shows the professionalism of Airtime. Airtime developers get “Thanks” for posts and “Likes” for FB. This is a reward for your efforts to get the application up and running. Isn’t the only reward, but from so many users, it’s the best test for airtime.

The airtime application is not available on any Windows PC version. You can BlueStacks emulatorto run mobile applications on your PC. To download these applications, go to the Google Play Store for Android or the App Store for iOS devices. Many aircraft manufacturers use the airtime application on laptops to view videos.

Here are the steps to download Airtime on PC:

1. Install BlueStacks on your PC (
(BlueStacks is installed on the boot drive without any other installation directory being selected.)

2. After BlueStacks is installed, look for the send time in the top right box.

3. Start AppCast to give your device a name. Sign with your Google account name. The application has the ability to view the best streams using the BlueStacks and Facebook Live programs.


4. Click Install and accept correct access to start the download part.

5. After installing the application, click Open to start the application on the PC. There are some on-screen instructions to start the application. Airtime installed and ready for use.

Airtime app functions

Facebook users can easily chat and video chat with friends, watch videos together, and easily connect with people.

The user interface shows three areas: You are on the left, your char partner on the middle partner and the list of your Facebook friends on the right.

It’s easy to use; The broadcast time is web-based. All you need is a Facebook account. Adobe Flash and a webcam are the only requirements required to have airtime on Facebook.

The applications are free to use and safe, virus-free. Airtime application gathers with your people too Group videos, listen to videos, chat, watch stuff, send messages. Airtime makes it possible to create communities and bring people together. Airtime has a simple, intuitive user interface with drag and drop options.

There is the Airtime Pro version, software as a service. Sourcefabric takes care of the installation, takes care of security and hosting. You can create and schedule shows after uploading audios. The broadcast time allows the use of MP3, m4a, MP2, Ogg Vorbis. Airtime enables a live broadcast. A playout tool like Mixxx; Airtime offers a graphical representation of the listeners, which you can find in the menu under System – Listener Statistics. Many rounds of applause show how much people enjoy airtime.

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