iGest – Gesture Launcher for PC – Windows and Mac – Free Download [Download]

igest-gesture-launcher-for-pc-windows-and-mac-free-downloadIf you have a lot of apps and you want quick access to them, you can use iGest, an app where you create shortcuts to access programs using gestures and actions on the gadget.

This launcher allows you to save multiple shortcuts in a list, each accessible via a gesture. A floating button opens the window in which the drawings are recognized.

For example, if you want to quickly open an application, click Add, draw with your finger (repeat five times), then click Save to choose what to open. Search using simple gestures that you can remember later, but that are unique and do not mix with each other.

Use gestures

After you’ve registered the theme that you use to open apps, turn up the volume, open a page on the web, and more, you can access it with a floating button that stays on the screen and can be moved around. Click on that shortcut and the drawing window will appear immediately.

The gestures are directional, so pay close attention to them. For example, you’ve created a diagonal line that starts from the bottom to the other side at the top. If you play this drawing, you need to repeat it exactly like this.

Run iGest – Gesture Launcher on your PC through BlueStacks

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