How you can download TRASSIR App on your Windows PC [Download]

trassir-app-pcSecurity is fast becoming a priority these days because when you’ve found a company, you should be able to protect it too. The best way to protect a company is to use cameras. You can use cameras to check what is happening in your company. You can also save your recording in the cloud. This is possibly the most important function for a security app. Because if a thief comes to steal, they can also damage your cameras. However, if you have an application that can restore your data from the cloud, it is easy to see. This doesn’t just apply to large companies, or not just to corporations.

Even these days, many people have cameras in their homes. In addition, TRASSIR is one of the best companies that makes cameras and also develops applications to manage them. As I said earlier, using cloud services is so important to security and that is exactly what TRASSIR does. However, the biggest problem with TRASSIR is downloading the application. Since their application is available on mobile devices, most businesses use the PCs.

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Downloading the TRASSIR app on your PC is the problem most people have. This is actually not a big problem as you can use an emulator for Windows. This method is available for any application that is only applicable to mobile devices. TRASSIR for PC is one of them. The biggest problem with using an emulator is optimization.

Some applications cannot be optimized for your PC. However, if you are using TRASSIR for Windows, these problems do not arise because the TRASSIR application is simple and not difficult to control. With this application you can control your cameras and easily save data in clouds.

The most popular emulator is called BlueStacks. Downloading BlueStacks is so easy and straightforward. I will explain how to download step by step.


1. Simply open a browser (Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Explorer).
2. Write in the address bar.
3. Click the download button.
4. Then start the setup file.
5. The files are extracted. You should click the Install Now button.
6. When the setup is complete. You should write your google account. Then welcome to BlueStacks.
7. Now you are free to use BlueStacks and you should just download the TRASSIR application.


Using an application on MAC is more difficult than it is on Windows. Because there’s an app store for everything, but sometimes you can’t find an application in that store. You can use emulators in these situations too. There are some Android emulators for MAC. You can use it for TRESSING for MAC. Some of them like to get paid Genymotion. There are also some free applications such as Nox.

You can also use the free version of another emulator called Andy. It’s only up to you. You should choose one of them according to its functions. Then you can use them to use TRESSIR in your MAC.

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