How to Watch Goonj: Live TV, News & PTV Sports on your PC [Download]

goonj-live-tv-for-pcGoonj prides itself on being Pakistan’s most notable video streaming app bringing new highlights, live TV streaming and cricket games to its audience. It is a free app that is easily accessible and broadcast over 25 channels of Pakistani television including PTV Sports. Plus, it’s easy to use the app, which has an attractive interface that lets you enjoy themes, channels, and anchors with ease. It works well with all Pakistani networks and is low on Wi-Fi and mobile data.

Why Choose Goonj: Live TV

  • Cricket updates both the highlights and the live coverage
  • Breaking News: Showcase the latest bulletins and headlines
  • Various streaming options such as Data Saver, Auto and Medium as well as HD resolution
  • Custom Experience: It has anchors and topic filters
  • Live TV channel with regional sports news entertainment and Islamic education
  • Full-length social themes, political talk shows and exclusive comedy shows programs
  • Latest Top Pakistan News Clips From Different Channels
  • Global viral videos

Goonj: Live TV Categories

  • With Goonj: Live TV, you’ll love to watch categories like
  • Sports news
  • Political news
  • Regional news
  • entertainment
  • Current affairs
  • Technical news
  • Cooking lessons

Top features of Goonj: Live TV

  1. Game modes: You can choose to play videos in the video feed or to use the video detail mode
  2. Feeds: Goonj lets you enjoy browsing different videos while enjoying the newsfeed style
  3. Share: You can easily share the latest in technology, viral clips or political videos with your friends
  4. News update: Enjoy 24/7 live updates on regional news updated minute by minute
  5. Cricket highlights: For lovers of a game of cricket, Goonj: Live TV offers regular updates. And you can see live cricket action and enjoy the VOD updates.

Download and Install Goonj: Live TV on Your PC (Mac and Windows)

  • Download and install that BlueStacks emulator on your PC (Follow the given steps)
  • Open the BlueStacks emulator and click on the Google Store (Link your Google app to a Google app for easy installation.)
  • Open the Google Store app and search for Goonj: Live TV


  • Follow the given steps to install it
  • Congratulations, after installing it, you can now enjoy Goonj: Live TV on your PC.

Advantages of Goonj: Live TV

  • It keeps the audience busy and informed of what is happening by
  • Pakistan and the world
  • Easy to use and install
  • Low system requirements

The downside of Goonj: Live TV

  • Programs are mainly broadcast from Pakistan

Goonj: Live TV offers local and international audiences the opportunity to enjoy live streaming of various programs from the comfort of their location. It’s a free TV with excellent video quality and a super simple user interface that requires a minimal data connection.

In addition, the sports users can watch cricket on the go and set the perfect place and time to enjoy the game without rushing home. With Goonj: Live TV you will be thoroughly entertained second after second and can share what you love with others.

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