How To Use Share GO File Transfer for PC (Windows & Mac) [Download]

share-go-for-pc-free-downloadMake it easy to transfer files through the ShareGo app!

We all love to click pictures and record videos, right! And with the variety of mobile devices out there these days, it becomes a little difficult to keep all of your media in one place. In addition, compatibility issues can arise when files are shared across devices.

A pool of applications is available on the web to make the transfer of files between devices quick and easy. These application pools include the Share Go app. The application is a great way to share files between devices in seconds.

The ShareGo app contains a number of innovative functions that can completely revolutionize the user experience. Let’s discuss some of these fantastic features!

Some distinguishing aspects of the Share Go app

Sharego app best features

When it comes to the ShareGo app’s utility, the app has tons of features, such as:

Free internet use: Of course, you’ll need the internet to download this app, but once that’s done, you no longer need cellular data or WiFi to use the app. Unlike other apps on the web, the ShareGo app doesn’t need any data when transferring files between devices. So, if you need to share heavy files like movies and web series over the phone, your daily data is safe.

Lightning fast speed: Although almost all apps claim that they offer excellent transfer speeds for files across multiple devices, they rely directly on the data connection for this. Share Go is the app that enables faster file transfer between devices without the need for an internet connection.

Supports all formats: You must have noticed that there are some files that cannot be transferred across devices just because they are not in the correct format. However, the ShareGo app doesn’t give you any format related issues. With this app, you can easily transfer audio, video, document, sheet or any other type of file in any format.

Ad-free: Ads can be very irritating when using an app. The developers of the ShareGo app have made sure that your file transfer process is not hindered by them, so the app remains completely ad-free.

Intelligent user interface: The very first thing a user notices in an app is the user interface. A shabby and disorganized user interface can limit its user base. The ShareGo app was developed with this in mind. The app has a simple but intuitive user interface that works great with user actions. There are no additional buttons on the app’s splash screen other than the send and receive buttons.

History: If you forget which files you sent to your friend, you can use the history recording feature through the ShareGo app. Here is a comprehensive list of all the files you have shared with your friends.

WhatsApp Status Saver: This is an innovative and ready-to-use feature of the app. You can download and save your friends’ WhatsApp status with just one tap.

What do users think of this app?

The ShareGo app was downloaded by over 10 million users and rated 4.1 in the Google Play Store. According to the rating, the app is liked by most of the viewers. The smooth user interface and dataless usage are most valued by the users of the app. In contrast, there are also some issues reported by users such as: B. slow functions and the inability to send and receive files faster. We hope that future updates to the app will address all of these app drawbacks.

How do I install ShareGo on my PC?

What if you could get the ShareGo app for your PC? It would be great, right! You can easily transfer files between your phone and PC without connecting cables. Now there is no app version of ShareGo that will work on your PC, but you can install it using an Android emulator.

Among the various Android emulators available on the market, the best are:

You can choose any PC. Here is the detailed procedure for installing the app on your PC:

  1. Go to the emulator’s official website (links above) and download it on your PC.
  2. Unzip the installation package and double-click the emulator file.
  3. To do this, follow the on-screen instructions to install the emulator.
  4. Allow 10-15 minutes for the emulator to fully set up.
  5. Once installed, open the emulator and the Google Play Store app.
  6. Sign in with your Google ID and password.
  7. Find the Share Go app and install the correct app on your PC.


Enjoy the advantages of the ShareGo app!


1. Is the ShareGo app free?

Yes, the ShareGo app can be downloaded for free from the Google PlayStore.

2. How fast is the ShareGo app?

The transfer speed of files via the ShareGo app is approx. 20 Mbit / s.

Alternative apps

last words

File sharing becomes a breeze when you have apps like ShareGo on your phone. Apart from the mere transfer, the app stores a lot of data, which makes the best USP market an app. Get this app and make it easy to transfer files between devices.

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