How to Run Kiwi Browser on your PC using BlueStacks App Player [Download]

Kiwi-Browser-for-PC-Windows-Mac-free downloadThe Kiwi Browser App, one of the best browsers available now and released just months ago, can be used in PCs BlueStacks, the popular Android emulation software.

Kiwi Browser is simply the best browser you could ever have, according to 10,000+ users.

There are a number of reasons that make this possible, and we’ll look at them here too, but before we show how to download and install them on a PC using BlueStacks.

Download and Install the Kiwi Browser on PC (Windows or Mac)

As usual, when downloading an application in Android via PC with BlueStacks or a traditional Android phone, you need to open the Google Play Store and sign in with a Google account. If you don’t have a google account, google can create one right now. Once we’re signed in, we need to look for our desired application in the search bar. In this case it is “Kiwi Browser” and the first to display “Kiwi Browser – Fast and Quiet”. You can click on it, hit the install sign and wait a few moments for it to finish. Right after you can click the “Open” sign and it’s there!


This browser is way better than the ones it competes with. First of all, it is based on a modification of Chrome that uses Android called chromeThis is how you will feel right at home using it. The loading speed is amazing, thanks to the improved methods of rendering web pages.

Also, you protect yourself from most of the annoying ads with your ad blocker. However, you also have the option of switching them on and off at any time in the settings. A powerful incoming message pop-up webpage that prevents spam windows from showing up in your browser. You also get protection from crypto jacking attacks. This is an amazing feature because without your access, hackers will no longer be able to access your device to mine virtual cryptocurrencies! You also get the option to have an unlocked Facebook web messenger.

What else does Kiwi Browser offer?

Night mode is one of the most popular features of its users. You can easily turn it on and off in the settings. In most cases this function does not work in common browsers. In this we have tested ourselves and work perfectly. You will also have more than 50 languages ​​available!

The number of good features we can find in this browser app is great. After trying this browser, you are sure that you will fall in love with it as much as we did!

But the list of cool things isn’t over yet, it goes on! For example, you can now import and export bookmarks in the Kiwi browser from / to one of the other main browsers such as Chrome or Firefox. You also get a specific downloads folder where everything is classified better than ever. In addition, you can add any search engine as long as it is recognized by the Kiwi browser. This means that you usually prefer these DuckDuckGo For example, you can now select DuckDuckGo by default through Google. For this to work, you need to do some searches on the search engine that you are interested in. Then go to Settings and select your preferred search engine.

Kiwi browser settings and look for them to have them there whenever you want to use your new browser. Kiwi Browser is fairly new and, according to its developers, is still in the early stages, but it already works perfectly and generally has few bugs. Also, the developers like to keep in touch with the users, so if you scroll down a little you can find their email address and Discord server in the Google Play Store application!

Kiwi Browser currently has 4.5 stars. This is one of the best ratings a Google Play Store can get! Your users are very happy with the service and they are thousands. How can you be so wrong? So why don’t you go and try it out? Definitely highly recommended application that you cannot miss on your BlueStacks.

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