How to Run Hotspot VPN app on PC using Android emulator [Download]

How-to-Run-Hotspot-VPN-App-on-PC-with-Android-EmulatorImagine connecting to a public network and streaming Youtube freely while everyone else is blocked by the firewall. Or have you ever visited a foreign country only to find that Youtube, Instagram, Tweeter or Facebook are not working because they are restricted? (Trust me, it happens) a VPN application comes in handy in situations like this. If you have looked through websites or Google Play Store You must have come across the term VPN or VPN apps.

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a secure network that allows users to browse the Internet safely and privately by redirecting their Internet connection through secure remote servers. These servers are located in different parts of the world and can be exchanged by the user as needed. Today we’re taking a look at one of the best VPN apps out there. Hotspot VPN.


Hotspot VPN is a free Android VPN application. At a small size of 20MB, Hotspot VPN offers the user some high quality services with no fees.

Hotspot VPN features:

• It offers the user unlimited bandwidth
• It offers fast connections. Once connected, your browsing speed will not slow down
• Easy connection as you only have to click a button
• Different servers around the world, from the US to Denmark to the UK and many more
• Allows the user to access restricted geographic applications or websites from anywhere in the world
• Provides a secure connection through;
– Encryption of all Internet traffic
– Hide your IP address so that you can no longer trace it
– does not create or leave logs. Once you finish browsing, no one will be able to track your internet history
• You can fake your IP address to surf anonymously (useful when commenting on sensitive topics in public forums).
• Access websites and applications with a limited firewall, especially on institutional networks
• It allows downloading torrents and sharing files
• Provides access to blocked websites; B. You can access Facebook and Twitter from countries to which they are restricted

How to download Hotspot VPN for PC

Downloading Hotspot VPN to an Android device is easy. Many wonder how do I use it on their PC. There is a simple workaround for this situation. With BlueStacks Emulator, Hotspot VPN can be run on a PC. For those unfamiliar with BlueStacks, it is a Windows and Mac app that creates an environment in which Android applications can be installed and operated. So you need to set up BlueStacks first as follows.

Install BlueStacks on the PC

• Visit the official BlueStacks website or search the BlueStacks setup file on google
• Download the setup file to your computer
• Open the folder with the downloaded Bluestacks.exe file and locate it
• Run the setup with administrator rights to install BlueStacks
• When the installation is complete, you may be asked to restart your PC.
• Start the BlueStacks emulator and you are ready for the next step

Assuming you already have BlueStacks on your computer from the previous procedure, you can now proceed to install Hotspot VPN.

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