How To Install & Use Loyverse POS On Your Computer / Laptop [Download]

loyverse-pos-for-pc-windows-macAll about the Loyverse app and why you should use it

One thing that can cause a major setback in your business is financial mismanagement. If you are unable to properly track your income and expenses, you will face huge losses. Failure to track your business revenue can be compared to a time consuming bomb. This is dangerous.

To avoid such dangers, you can try using a POS app to keep track of all your business income and expenses. The Loyverse app is a POS app that allows you to keep track of all of your business finances and manage your employees.

Below is a detailed overview of the Loyverse app and how you can use it to manage your business.

Loyverse Free Point of Sale software

Loyverse is software that enables business professionals to manage finances, employees, and inventory. This software enables you as a business owner to interact with customers and thus increase both sales and revenue. It doesn’t matter if you have a single store or multiple stores. The software will help you manage all the business.

Loyverse Pos app functions

The software is now very popular, with over a million companies in over 170 countries currently using the software in their companies. The software is also available in 30+ languages ​​so it may be impossible to miss your language.

Loyverse Software Tools

In order for the software to work efficiently, there are various tools that can make it more efficient.

• Point of sale

With Loyverse you can transform your tablet or tablet Android or iOS phone into an excellent point of sale. The point of sales tools allow you to provide your customers with electronic or hard copy receipts, issue refunds, grant discounts, and track sales even when you are offline. You can also use this tool to connect to the printer, barcode scanner, and cash drawer.

• Integrated payments

This Loyverse tool allows you to accept payments from various payment platforms. You can set up various payments and your customers can pay by any method they want to pay for goods and services. You can choose one of the built-in payment providers that are available in more than 30 countries. For non-integrated payments, you can use your preferred merchant service provider.

• Inventory

With this tool you can always stay up to date on your inventory so you never run out of inventory. With this app, you will receive instant notifications when your inventory is running low and you need to add it up. You can also use this software to order your inventory from your suppliers, keep track of your inventory, and distribute inventory across your various branches.

• Sales analysis

Updating your business analysis is also vital if you want to improve your business. Analyzing everything in your business can be a daunting task, but luckily, you can use Loyverse software to analyze your business data. You can view your sales, average sales, and also the profit you are making from your business.

With Sales Analytics, you can also track your sales trends and know when to react if something changes. The software also shows you the best and least sold items or services in your company. In this way you can decide whether to change the item or the service. You can also view your sales history in full and send the data to your spreadsheets.

• Leadership

Sometimes managing your employees can be painful. To be able to manage your employees successfully, you need a helping hand. Many people would prefer to hire someone to manage their people. However, this decision can lead to a burden on the administrative staff.

Loyverse software is great for managing people in your company. The software will help you identify the best performer by religiously tracking their sales. In addition, your employees are always clocking in and out and the software also adds up their working hours.

Your confidential information is also protected as you can use Loyverse software to give your employees different levels of access.

• Multi-store management

Grow your business from one business to a few hundred and Loyverse software will make it easy for you to manage. This app is able to track all the performance, inventory, income, expenses and even employees of your business in one software.

You can also manage the items you sell in all of your stores, order more supplies, and manage all of your employees.

• Integrations

The need for various third-party apps is inevitable for business to run smoothly. The Loyverse software allows you to connect to other software that you might want to use to manage your business.

How to Download Loyverse Software on Android iOS and on Your Computer


The Loyverse app offers versions for Android, iPhones and on your tablet. However, the app is not officially available for download from computers. To download the app on your computer, you will first need an emulator to download the Loyverse software for the PC.

First, Download the Bluestacks emulator Sign in to your Google account and visit the Google Play Store. Search for Loyverse software and download the software from the Google Play Store.

Did we mention that most of the tools you need to use are free? Yes, the software gives you the freedom to use the point of sale, the Loyverse customer display, the Loyverse dashboard and the kitchen display. However, you have to pay for staff management and extended inventory at a cost of $ 5 monthly and $ 25 monthly.

Why you need to use Loyverse software for your business

Businesses can be very stressful if you don’t have a proper platform to manage your business. Loyverse software is the best software to manage your business and make sure you are always up to date on everything about your company.

When used properly, this software will help you avoid the chaos caused by mismanaging your employees and their work schedules. You will experience minimal losses as you can better track your sales.

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