How to Install PicsKit Online Photo Editor on PC & Mac [Download]

picskit-online-photo-editor-on-pc-windows-macIn this digital world, you will find that most of the people take pictures to edit and post online. It’s sporadic to find a photo that isn’t edited on any platform online. Out of love for photography and editing, photography has become numerous in recent years. Hence, when looking for a good photo app out there, you have run out of choice.

In this post, you will learn more about this PicsKit photo app and how to download it on your PC. We’ll also see some of the app’s best features and how you can use them for your photo functions.

What is PicsKit?


PicsKit is a layered photo editing software for editing photos. It has numerous layers that you can use to edit photos on your phone. It’s a perfect app for those who love to add multiple filters and layers to their pictures before they can upload them to the internet.

PicsKit is intended for both novice and professional users. It doesn’t matter if you are familiar with editing photos or a newbie who is just studying. This app has a very easy to use interface. PicsKit was released by Cerdilac in January 2020 for operation on Android devices. The app doesn’t need many bundles to download to your mobile phone. All you need is 45MB of data work. The app is currently also free to use. You are not restricted by subscriptions or pay a fee after you download the app.

PicsKit also lets you create a well-designed photo art gallery from the photos you have edited. You can also use the app to mix and match different images to put them together and create a stunning photo collage. The app works on mobile platforms. So if you want to use them on your phone, both of them are a quick download Google play or App Store.

However, if you need to download it to your PC, don’t worry. This article describes steps that you can take to download PicsKit and install it on your PC. There are currently no desktop versions of the book. However, you can use an emulator that will be used in our tutorial.

At the moment the app has several downloads and it has already gained popularity due to the positive reviews and 5-star recommendations.

PicsKit app for PC functions

The PicsKit app allows you to create amazing masterpieces with fully functional tools in one place. Some of the most amazing features of the app are.

Multiple Layers: You can add any layer to your uploaded photos. Each text layer or filter can be edited independently. You can also duplicate, delete, edit, merge, or lock the layers of the photo. PicsKit also lets you create photo collages with your custom ratio, grid style, and a personalized frame for each photo. This feature makes this app more fun to use.

Blur Background – If you don’t want to change the background of your photo just yet, you can blur it. Sometimes when the background doesn’t look too good, changing it to a different one can make some photos look odd enough. For example, some people have made the mistake of changing a background that looks very unrealistic. If you don’t want the photo to look awkward, you can blur the image and hide the background. Blurring makes the photo look more elegant. PicsKit has the feature of blurring the background.

Grid Maker and Photo Collage – PicsKit will help you choose the images according to your needs. All you have to do is select numerous photos and then choose filters, your individual ratio. Preset collages and much more.

100+ filters – that’s good news for those who love adding filters to their photos. The PicsKit app has over 100 photo filters that you can use when editing your photos.

Splashes and Dabs of Color – The app has several coloring effects that you can use to add color to your edited photos.

There are so many features that make this the best photo app out there. It’s an all-in-one photo editing app that is packed with features. It also has the versatility feature that allows you to adjust, rotate and reshape the photos. There is also a glitch effect. The effect allows you to add some special effect features to make your photos more impressive.

Download the PicsKit App for PC (Windows 7,8,10 and Mac)

As mentioned earlier, there is no desktop version of this app. However, you can download the app using an emulator and install it on your computer.

How do emulators work?

This is computer software that allows the host computer to simulate a different operating system than others so that other apps, designed for the different operating systems, can work on the host computer. For example, our PicsKit app works with the Android operating system. So if we want to use them on Windows or Mac OS we have to use an emulator.

Download the PicsKit app for PC

Follow the steps below to download and install the app on your PC.

1. Download and install BlueStacks on your computer. We recommend BlueStacks for Windows as it is always readily available. For Mac computers, we recommend using Nox App Player.

picskit-pc-windows-7-8-10-mac-free download

2. Once installed, go to Google Play in the emulator and search for the app by typing “PicsKit” in the search bar.

3. The app is displayed on the user interface. Now you can download it and use it on your PC.


PicsKit is a handy app for anyone interested in taking photos and editing their photos. It has become popular within a short time of its release because it works well for most people, has numerous great features, and is also free to use and download.

The fact that you can’t download it directly to your PC shouldn’t worry anyone. As shown above, one can use BlueStacks to download the app.

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