How to Install Daily VPN on your PC (Windows 7, 8, 10 and Mac) [Download]

daily-vpn-for-pc-free-downloadIf some websites block you from browsing the internet, you need a good VPN. VPNs allow users to bypass barriers and move freely across the Internet. They have become an essential application for most people.

Because of this, you will find that there are numerous versions of VPNs out there today. Finding a real one could be a daunting and confusing task. Some require a subscription in order for you to use them, while others are free to use.

If you’re looking to get a top-notch VPN for your mobile phone, consider Daily VPN. Below is a detailed guide to everyday VPN features, why you need them, and how to download them on PC.

Daily VPN app for PC

Daily VPN mainly works on cell phones to allow safe and private web browsing. The VPN is completely free as you don’t have to pay anything to download and use it. It’s also the fastest in terms of connecting to other servers. You can always change your location within seconds.


One of the things you can do with Daily VPN is to access websites or apps online that are restricted by the government. If geographic locations have ever prevented you from using some websites, Daily VPN is the solution. The VPN allows you to push these limits and access all the websites you need worldwide. All information that you can enter online about your web activity is encrypted and free from prying eyes.

BlueStacks Android Emulator

Since Daily VPN only works for Android devices, you need a platform where you can run such an application on your computer. Android emulators serve this purpose. BlueStacks, an American technology company, launched the BlueStacks App Player for Windows and Mac operating systems in 2011. The app player creates a virtual version of an Android operating system on the computer on which it was installed. This Android emulator has received more than 210 million downloads since then.

How to install BlueStacks on your computer

Bluestacks-App-Player-Download-Windows-MacBlueStacks can run 1.5 million Android apps, including Daily VPN. The PC for downloading requires minimum Windows 7 requirements, high memory and sufficient hard disk space. For Mac computers, the version must be macOS Sierra or higher. Bluestacks is free to download. However, monthly or annual premium packages are available for subscribers who want special treatment.

The benefits of subscriptions include priority support, multiple PCs, and advertising opt-out.

The software installation process is simple. Open your web browser on the computer you want to run it on and enter the address of the BlueStacks website. The site will detect your operating system and a download button will appear. Click “Download BlueStacks” to add the BlueStacks installer to your computer. After downloading the file, click the file name to open the folder it is in and allow it to install according to the steps on the screen.

How to run Daily VPN on BlueStacks

When the installation is complete, you can click the icon to run the program. Set up your login account to access the home page. A search bar will appear on the right. Search for Daily VPN and install it once the app icon appears. You can also browse or drag and drop a downloaded APK file from your system onto the BlueStacks App Player screen.


Make sure you are connected to the internet before opening the VPN. The computer should have an automatic connection when you are at home. If you are in a place other than home, e.g. For example, in a coffee shop, connect to the internet manually if you’ve never done it in the area before. Public Wi-Fi is usually at higher risk of being hacked or losing personal information to the wrong hands. This is another reason for the daily VPN.

It’s useful to choose a location where you want to access content that is only available for certain countries. Daily VPN offers different cities to several countries. Meanwhile, you can google “What’s my IP?”And it should show the results for the region you selected. The app will keep you in that location until changed. If the connection cannot be established, terminate the connection and reconnect.

This is how you can reach top speeds

In the case of slow connections, the local network or your Internet service provider is responsible for the reduced Internet speeds. So you need a fast connection and the VPN will do the rest for you. You may have to do a little research to find the most effective servers in your area to get the best service.

Daily VPN support team

Daily VPN has a highly qualified team of experts to answer any questions users may have. You can email them or follow the Facebook fan page for exciting news and answers to your questions. Don’t wait any longer. Try the best online protection and privacy tool today. You will just feel safe and free!

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