How to Install BabyCam App on Your PC (Windows, Mac) [Download]

Babycam-App-PC-Windows-MacBabyCam – Baby Monitor Camera – Keep an eye on your baby

The long days can get stressful when you have no idea how your baby is doing, but BabyCam allows you to easily monitor wellbeing anytime, anywhere. Being a parent is demanding, so it emphasizes the need for an app to help track your baby. With the video monitor, apps like BabyCam- Baby Monitor camera appYou can reduce anxiety and stress and have peace.

Advantages of using BabyCam – Baby Monitor Camera App

  • Check your baby position, whether you are lying down or sleeping
  • Enjoy more sleep as you don’t have to constantly monitor the baby
  • Track your baby’s sleep pattern
  • Know the baby’s safety by keeping an eye on them through the camera

Understating BabyCam – Baby Monitor Camera App

As a surveillance camera, the BabyCam app enables the use of two tablets or phones to monitor the baby from anywhere in the world. One device records the baby while the other is used by the parents to monitor the baby. The app developed by Arjona Software has over 4.2 stars with more than 100,000 downloads.

Why use BabyCam – Baby Monitor camera

BabyCam – The baby monitor camera has amazing features that parents can use to enjoy their parent journey. With BabyCam, a parent can:

  • Use the app directly via WIFI without an internet connection
  • Watch the baby through TV Chromecast
  • Listen to the baby’s breath sounds
  • Talk and sing a lullaby to the baby
  • Deactivate and activate the camera flash to reduce the light and make the baby comfortable
  • Switch between the rear and front cameras
  • Zoom in or out and observe the surroundings
  • Adjust the microphone volume for the sake of clarity
  • Activate it in night mode to avoid injuring the baby’s eyes
  • View the device’s battery level from anywhere
  • Record videos and pictures from baby position
  • Connect multiple devices to the surveillance camera at the same time so that both parents can see the same baby time.

Top features of BabyCam – Baby Monitor Camera

The app comes with an alert that notifies the parent if any movement or noise is detected. This helps parents know when the baby is crying or feeling uncomfortable. With the warning functions, parents can see when the connection of the baby device is interrupted by notification either by a text. The alert system makes it easy to keep track of your child’s activities every moment.

When it comes to our baby safety, the BabyCam baby monitor camera has a microphone that can be set to 200% or reduced to a level that is convenient for you. It automatically changes the sound level and amplifies the sound when the baby makes noises so that the parent’s device can easily catch the moment. The app allows parents to hear the baby sound even when they are not crying, and talk to them and hear the same thing from the baby. With the BabyCam-Baby Monitor Camera App you can calm your baby down.

The BabyCam – Baby Monitor Camera App has a night vision mode that keeps the lighting lower during the night so as not to interrupt the baby’s sleep. In addition, parents can automatically adjust the light mode from anywhere while keeping the video clear.

Download the BabyCam – Baby Monitor camera to your PC

The clarity of the PC screen allows a person to more easily and transparently zoom, take photos and hear the sound. However, to use the BabyCam – Baby Monitor Camera App on your PC, you need to download an emulator. Here are the following steps:

  • Download and install that BlueStacks software on your machine
  • Double-click the bluestacks.exe file to open the application
  • Start the emulator by signing in with your Google account
  • On the BlueStacks home screen, find the Google Playstore app and click Open


  • Once it opens, search for BabyCam – Baby Monitor Camera and click on the download instructions
  • Install the BabyCam – Baby Monitor Camera App and enjoy the beauty of parenting


Parenting is tough, but having an app that keeps you updated on your baby’s movement, sound, and activity will keep you calm and composed. Use the BabyCam – Baby Monitor Camera App and enjoy a simple, robust, yet useful app.

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