How to Install and use Avast for Chromebook Easily

Before we go ahead with installing and using Avast for Chromebook let’s just talk about Chromebooks and the features of Avast first.

So, basically, the laptops or tablets running ChromeOS just like Android or Windows are called Chromebooks. And these days no particular device is safe from hackers and cybercriminals. So an extra layer of security is needed for your device. That’s where Avast comes into play.

How You Can Install and Use Avast for Chromebook

Avast for Chromebook is an antivirus, approved by Google, and being a Premium subscriber you can enjoy many other features for an extended period of time.

How significant is Avast for Chromebook? 

Antivirus really forestall, identify and eliminate diseases on singular figuring gadgets, organizations and IT frameworks. 

Avast for Chromebook introduces antivirus programming which is truly significant in any PC. It normally adds a layer of security which forestalls different malware from entering your PC. 

So, malware can commandeer a PC and its organization. Programmers use it to take passwords, erase records and render PCs inoperable. In this manner, it is truly significant for your PC to have an antivirus. 

How to Install Avast Antivirus for Chromebook

Avast can be installed in your Chromebook in two ways,

Installing a standalone Avast application

Follow these easy steps and you’re done installing Avast as a standalone application in your Chromebook:

  1. Open Google Play Store on your Chromebook
  2. Search for Avast by typing “Avast” in the search bar
  3. Click the Install button
  4. Wait for a moment until it gets installed
  5. And you’re done installing Avast as a standalone application

Installing a Browser Extension

Now for a browser extension follow these steps:

  1. Open google Chrome browser
  2. Type this URL in the bar “
  3. Search for “Avast” in the search bar
  4. Click Avast Online Security, the Avast Online Security page will open
  5. Now, click on add to Chrome
  6. And you’re done installing Avast as a browser extension

Setting Up Avast

For setting up and starting using Avast for Chromebook you’ll need an account to register with Avast and also you can buy a Premium Subscription to enjoy even more protection and features.

To register with Avast for Chromebook you’ll just need an email account, and with that you need to sign-up to Avast and create an account.

Features of Avast

These are the features of Avast Free Security:

  1. Whenever you’re online and you come in reach with a malicious link and also to scams in websites Avast gives you alarms notifying it.
  2. Avast provides you with safe and secure search engine results
  3. Avast warns you of phishing scams before you access any doubtful email or a website.
  4. Avast spots trackers and blocks them so your internet data remains unshared and private.

Avast Online Security is the one that checks every site you visit and sends you undermining caution if something isn’t right. 

Presently in excess of 100 million Chrome clients have introduced it. Avast for Chromebook gives you numerous brilliant highlights also.

Premium Features of Avast

  1. In the event that your telephone is lost, it can subtly catch photographs and sounds of the cheat. 
  2. It can show your telephone’s last area before it is turned off. 
  3. It lessens advertisements from Avast versatile security. 
  4. It consequently enlists your gadget as lost, on the off chance that you have changed the SIM. 
  5. It furnishes you with App lock security to guarantee your information is private. 
  6. You can legitimately contact Avast from the application for any inquiry.

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Is Avast Safe to utilize? 

Here is the Data gathered by Avast: 

  • URL 
  • Client’s input 
  • Information utilized 
  • All data about the gadget 
  • Nation 
  • GUID (Internal augmentation Identifier). 

Chromebook has without a doubt exceptionally quick execution however adding another layer of security will be a reasonable buy. By drifting over the URLs, Avast discloses to you if it is sheltered. 

So it is better not to depend only on Google’s implicit components. 

There are very acceptable choices in the market like-Avira, Bitdefender, and so on. Avast causes you to check the rating of any site easily which is appraised by the developing network of 400 million Avast clients. It hinders the sites that gather information dependent on your perusing exercises or treats. 

For more info check: Avast Online Security


We have talked about everything with respect to How To Install and use Avast for Chromebook. From the prologue to utilizing this application. Additionally, we trust that our endeavours have helped you a great deal. On the off chance that you face any issue with respect to this article. You can generally ask us through the remark segment beneath.

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