How to find anyone on Discord without a number

Over the past few years, Discord has been an excellent forum. It gives an immersive experience to the users with its features. One of which is finding someone on Discord without a Username. The app allows you to make friend lists and host groups that connect you virtually with the world. It will be the rarest case to not know about the Discord. Here we will tell how to find someone on discord.


You are wondering how you can join the people with the same interests without the number? And we are here to help you so you can join them with this guide to find someone without Tag or Discord ID. Share Your Preferences With Large Community On Discord Without Their Username Or Tag.

What is Discord? 

Discord is an Application software. It has modified the world of sending texts, making calls, video calls, group calls, group conversations. It works simultaneously without getting interrupted by any other ongoing tasks or Applications. The app has made it possible for its users to share their same interests and preferences on one platform. It is the significant aptitude of the Application that had brought about a great revolution in Gaming Dimensions.

create server discord

Your gaming session will not get blocked, and you can still interact with your gaming fellows for hours. Many reviews of the Discord users’ feedback was about how simple Discord rendered contact during the pandemic and brought people together on a virtual platform.

It also works with Spotify to share music, Youtube to share videos, you can connect your Xbox account to it, and so on.

Operating System Requirements for Using Discord:

The given is the list of supportive devices for using Discord-

  • Windows 7 and above,
  • Android version 5 and above,
  • Apple:
  • iOS version 10.0 and above,
  • macOS version 10.10 and above (Yosemite),
  • Browsers:
  • Google Chrome, Firefox 38+, Opera, Microsoft Edge 17+ 

(Source: Discord)

How to Install Discord on your Smartphone?

  1. On your Smartphone, download the Discord Application. 
  2. Then Install it to launch.
  3. After launching it, Open and Sign In to Register Yourself.

(If you have an account, then log in.)

  1. The Application will ask for Voice and Video permissions, so click on ‘Allow’ to give permissions to the Application.
  2. Solve captcha “I am not a Robot”
welcome to discord

Now that you know to Install and change settings in Discord. Let’s invite your friends to join.

how to find someone on discord

Major Issues while adding Friends on Discord:

  • The first issue could be, you have not permitted the application. So fix it by clicking on Allow when the application asks for it. Once you allowed the application, you can easily navigate through it.
  • Typo Errors– Verify if you have noted down the correct Username or Tag. The error could be characters or wrong spelling, wrong number. For Example- If you write any letter of a Username in the small form that is supposed to be capital. You will not find the Tag as you have not written the correct ID.
  • The person you are trying to add might not have changed friends’ permission settings. So ask them to fix it.

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Follow the given ways to find anyone and join them on Discord:

It is easy to add anyone on Discord because you know how to find anyone with Username or Discord ID or only Tag Discord. But it is hard to find someone on Discord without a Username or a number. 

How to find someone on Discord without a Number

  1. Open “Discord Application” on your Smartphone or any of the supportive device.
  2. Now, Login or Sign in to your Discord account.

Else Log in with QR code.

  1. The Discord Home Screen will appear, on which you have to click on the Purple Icon on the top-most left side of the Home Screen.
  2. Here you will find Friends Icon at the bottom of the page Press on it.
  3. Then click on the option called Add Friends on the screen.
how to find someone on discord

  1. A search result will appear with Username and Tag by Default. 
  2. Press the Nearby Scan icon on the screen.
  3. Now the Application will itself detect your nearby Discord users.
  4. Give the necessary permissions asked by Application by clicking Allow. It will turn on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS permissions to help you find friends.
  5. This feature will only work if both of you and your friend searching for one another with Nearby Scan.
  6. The Application only works for 30 feet or 10 meters of distance. (Source: Discord)
  7. After detecting a User in this range, both applications will get notifications. 
  8. Now tap on the send option to send a join request or receive one by the other user.
  9. By accepting it, you have added the user to your friend list.
how to find someone on discord without number

By following the above steps, share your favorites and hobbies by developing your community.

How to find someone on Discord without adding them on it?

  • Discord provides you an option to send messages without getting added to the Friend list.
  • If the person is in the same group server as you, you can easily reach them out.
  • Click right on their chat or profile and request to join you.


It was that easy to add anyone on the friend list of Discord. Once you got your supportive device with a good network connection. You are all set to make as many friends on Discord. Without a Username or Tag, enjoy stuff like memes, work, thoughts with those who share the same ideas with you.

Now that you have mastered how to add someone on Discord without a number and know the use of Discord, you can invite friends by yourself and let me know your experience in the comment box.

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