How To Download Storytel Audiobooks and E-books For PC [Download]

Storytel-for-PC-Windows-10-8-7Listen to your favorite audiobooks while doing other activities with the Storytel app!

Reading is a great habit, but sometimes our schedule steals us all the time. Plus, the hassle of holding a book can make us lazy. Yes, there are e-books on the Internet, but staring at the phone or laptop for a long time can also be exhausting. What’s the solution here?

Audio books !!! The perfect solution to all of the above problems and issues. It takes knowledge to a new level. No matter what you are doing or where you are, you can easily enjoy the audiobooks.

The perfect app to listen to audiobooks like this is Storytel! Read on to find out more about this awesome app.

Storytel and its features

Storytel is a great companion for you if you enjoy reading. Although the app will save you a lot of hassle, it gives you all the readable content in the form of audio. So that you can listen to your favorite e-books anytime, anywhere.

Storytel app features

Here are some of the other features Storytel offers you.

√ Wide collection: In the Storytel app you can choose from a wide range of audiobooks. The app is not limited to just one language, you can listen to your favorite audiobook in your preferred language.

So far, the Storytel app supports English, Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Malayalam and Tamil Language.

√ The snooze function: The app offers you the option of deactivating the audiobooks in the app. So don’t miss any more of your audiobook. Just set the timer as a paper to your liking and just listen to the time you are awake.

√ Multiple categories: Storytel isn’t just limited to fiction. There are a number of categories that you can choose from. You can find audio books for personal development, business, business, technology, classics, Hindi, Marathi and countless more. So no bar for using this app.

√ Offline access: The brilliant feature that has been built into the app is the offline mode. You can easily download the audiobook to your phone and listen to it at any time.

Otherwise, you can also set your bookmarks in the app and take notes.

√ Book notifications: Never miss details about the release of a new book. With Stroytel you can save upcoming books on your bookshelf and be notified as soon as they are published. You also get access to the best book series in the dedicated section of the app.

√ Insta approval: Read something really interesting? Tell your friends on Instagram about it with the Insta sharing feature. You will also receive personal recommendations and can recommend the book you like to your friends.

These features make Storytel one of the best audiobook apps out there. In addition, it is available in various countries like Sweden, Denmark, India, Russia, Poland, Spain, Turkey and many other countries.

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Advantages, disadvantages and reviews of Storytel

So far, the app has received positive reviews from users all over the world. This is what made its 4.2 rating Google play. While some users are pretty happy with the app, other users have reported bugs.

Users have the problem that they cannot hear the audiobook. In addition, they will be automatically redirected to the app’s review page. We hope that the problem will be resolved in the upcoming updates of the app.

benefits disadvantage
A wide range of audio books. The app is paid for.
Easy to navigate interface. Minor rendering errors.
Snooze function.
Multiple language support.


1. How much does the Storytel subscription cost?

Storytel offers two types of subscription, namely recurring and one-time. The recurring subscription will cost you INR 299 per month. On the other hand, the one-time subscription will cost you INR 299 for one month and INR 897 for three months.

2. Is the Storytel app safe?

Yes, the app is completely safe to use. Storytel protects all of your personal information from security threats.

3. What are Storytel’s various competitors?

Storytel’s market competitors are Uppercasebox, Playster, Owlcrate, Scribd and many more.

Storytel PC installation

If you work on your laptop most of the time, this section is for you. You can also install the Storytel app on your PC using an Android emulator.

We recommend that you choose one of the following Android emulators as these are the best:

Here are the detailed steps to install the emulator and app on your PC:

1. Download the Android emulator from the official website as mentioned above.
Open the emulator installation package and follow the on-screen instructions to install the emulator.

Note: Allow at least 10-15 minutes for the Android emulator to fully set up.

2. After installing the emulator on your PC, open the Android emulator and search for the PlayStore app.


3. It is the default app in the emulator.

4. Sign in to PlayStore with your Google ID and password.

5. After logging in, search for the Storytel app in the PlayStore.

6. Find the right app and install it.

7. Enjoy listening to your favorite books.


Do you like reading books but don’t have time? Well, Storytel is the best app for you to use to hear what’s in the book. This will reduce the hassle of holding the book in hand and allow you to do other activities side by side. We hope you get the most out of this article about the Storytel app.

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