How To Download & Play DJ Studio 5 App On Your PC (Windows & Mac) [Download]

dj-studio-5-online-for-pcDJ Studio 5: A great app for professional and novice DJs

Do you like to mix songs and do your mashups? If so, this DJ Studio 5 is the best app for you. The app has some ingenious features that you can use to create amazing mashups and become the DJ of your house party.

Yes! The app has a fantastic interface that allows you to manage everything from shuffling tracks to changing tracks to using your playlists, etc. In addition, it can be used on a number of devices, even PCs. If you have a party at home, you can have it safely with the help of the DJ Studio 5 app.

Some key features of the DJ Studio 5 app

Well, here are some brilliant features of the DJ Studio 5 app:

√ Compatibility

You don’t have to worry about app compatibility. The DJ Studio 5 app can be run on all Android devices with Android versions above 2.3. This gives many users the opportunity to view their DJ skills in the app.

√ Effects

The app doesn’t limit itself to just mixing and creating mashups for you. You can also take advantage of the various effects such as Flanger, Phaser, Gate, Reverb, Bit Crusher, 3D, Brake and FlippingDouble to enhance your music. The app also offers you three band equalizers.

√ Virtual turntables


Experience the feeling of a real DJ using the virtual turntables in the DJ Studio 5 app. The turntables are used to move the music back and forth. In addition, the app has a crossfader with which a source and other sources can be faded out at the same time. It will help you change lanes smoothly.

√ Auto mix

This is one of the best features of the DJ Studio 5 app. This function allows you to mix songs automatically. While you can do this manually to your liking, the app gives you a built-in feature to do it. In addition, the app offers you two modes to shuffle songs either randomly or from your prescribed playlist.

√ Social sharing

Your unique and built mashups shouldn’t be limited to just your app’s UI. So DJ Studio 5 gives you the opportunity to share your curated music on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.

√ interface

The surface of the app is designed super elegant and can be changed according to your wishes. The app offers 7 skins that you can apply to the deck as you wish. When we talk about music access, you can use your local device music based on factors like folder, artist, album or name. The application’s user interface can be customized in both portrait and landscape orientation, making it easy to use.

Aside from these, there are plenty of other hidden features in the app that you can use. And do you know what is the best? The DJ Studio 5 app is completely free. There are no hidden costs to use and the ads can easily be removed if necessary.

√ User reviews

The app has a rating of 4.3 on Bagged Google playwhich means that a lot of users like the app. Users are delighted with the numerous song cutting features in the app. In addition, the turntable and crossfader functions are best suited for novice DJs.

Aside from all of these positive reviews, some users have also expressed concerns about the annoying ad popups on the app. They play long and every time you load a song. We hope these issues will be resolved in the upcoming versions of the app.


How do I use DJ Studio 5?

Using DJ Studio 5 is not rocket science. The steps to use it are pretty simple. Please see this link for more information.

Can I get the DJ Studio 5 app for my PC?

Yes, you can easily run the DJ Studio 5 app on your PC. All you need is an Android emulator. We’ll look at the detailed process below.

What are the requirements for the DJ Studio 5 app?

The app requires the following configurations:

  • Screen compatibility: 3.7-10 inches.
  • Broad operating system compatibility: OS 2.3 and higher.
  • Min 1 core 800 MHz, recommended 2 cores.
  • 2 cores are required for the scratch option.
  • 1 GB RAM.
  • Multi-touch.

PC installation of DJ Studio 5

You can install the DJ Studio 5 app on your PC by installing an Android emulator on it. This is because the app is available for Android devices and requires an Android emulator to run smoothly.

Some of the best Android emulators on the web are:

Note: Always download the Android emulator from the official website.

Steps to install the DJ Studio 5 app:

1. Download the Android emulator from the official website and install it according to the instructions on the screen.

2. Allow 5-10 minutes for the emulator to complete setup.

3. After the installation, start the emulator and search for the PlayStore app (default app).
4. Sign in to PlayStore with your Google ID and password.

5. After successfully signing in, search for the DJ Studio 5 app in the PlayStore search bar.


7. Find the right app and install it.

8. Enjoy the benefits of a DJ on your PC.

last words

If you have a party at home and want to give your guests the best music experience, choose the DJ Studio 5 app. Install this app on your PC and become a professional DJ of your house party. Not only does the app help you entertain the guests, but you can also create your own mashups. We hope this article has served you well in every way. Thank you for reading!

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