How to Download GoodNotes 5 for Windows PC, Desktop [Download]

goodnotes-5-appDo you want to turn your iPad into smart digital paper? GoodNotes 5 app is the ultimate solution for you. With this app, you can take handwritten notes in digital notebooks, PowerPoint, Word documents or even imported PDF files.

In addition, all notes can be searched here. That way, you no longer have to worry about misplacing them or even losing them again. This makes this app an incredible app for your iPad.

More about the GoodNote 5 app

Goodnotes app features

• You can write naturally just like real paper

This app allows you to be fluent and precise when writing your notes on your device. All of this is made possible thanks to GoodNotes’ groundbreaking vector engine. Here you can write with the Apple Pencil, Logitech Crayon or even with your finger.

You can also choose and customize various functions of your pen, such as: B. Color, style and thickness. Finally, you can switch between pen, eraser, and highlighter.

• Allows you to back up your notes

When you use this app, iCloud sync will save you all of your notes. This way you won’t lose your essential documents.

• View documents side by side

This app has a multi-pane feature that allows you to view two documents or even two pages side by side. Here you can quickly switch between open documents using the tabs.

• You can find everything you have written precisely

Since everything is indexed, you can precisely search your handwritten notes or even typed text. Apart from that, you can easily search for document outlines and PDF text.

Plus, you can convert your handwriting to text and then share it with other apps at will. You can also add this text to the page as a text field and then continue typing with your keyboard.

• You can customize your notebooks

With this app you can choose from a large selection of paper templates and beautiful cover sheets. Here you will find Cornell paper, dark paper, essentials, writing paper, planners and much more. Apart from that, you can import any image or even a PDF file as a custom template for customization purposes.

• Allows you to work paperless

Using this app, you can import Word, Pictures, PowerPoint, PDF, and even Photos straight to your device. You can also export these documents and even share them with your friends. This app can also help you scan documents and even recognize text. As a result, you become paperless.

• Better document management

This app helps you organize your documents in folders and even allows you to create unlimited sub-folders. You mark the documents that are important to you as favorites so that you can access them precisely. Finally, you can create custom outlines for easy navigation through your documents.

• Helps you overcome the limits of analog paper

With this app you can do a lot of things that you can’t do with an analog paper. From moving your handwriting to rotating, you can do a lot with this app on your documents. Here you can even color in the documents and even draw perfect shapes and lines with the shape tool.

This app has a zoom function that allows you to view different documents and photos up close. Other than that, the app has a powerful and smart eraser tool. Here you have the freedom to erase anything you want.

How to download GoodNotes 5 for Windows and Mac

As we speak, GoodNotes 5 is not available for download on the computer. This is because this app was originally intended for Mac / iOS. However, the good news is that you can easily download it to your PC using an iOS simulator like this iPadian.


In fact, the iPadian is more of a simulator, and essentially not an emulator. However, it does give you a taste of how to use iOS so you can see and feel the difference between Android and iOS. This simulator does not create a local version of iOS on your computer. You are not accessing the iOS App Store here.

However, you browse the app on that simulator and then download it to that platform. This is how the GoodNotes 5 app works optimally on your PC.

Here are the 6 steps you should follow:

1. Download and install the iPadian simulator on your pc.

2. Start the simulator and search for the GoodNotes 5 app in the search bar.

3. Click on the search and you will see this app.

4. Click this app to display GoodNotes 5 in your simulator.

5. Click Install. This app will be installed on this simulator.

6. As soon as the app has been installed on this simulator, start this app.


The GoodNotes 5 app has proven to be very effective for Mac users. With this app you can create handwritten documents that you can write or even sketch on on digital paper. Apart from that, you secure your documents and even organize your notes and documents the way you want. This made the app amazing for those who enjoy taking notes from time to time. Download and install that GoodNotes 5 app on your PC today and you won’t be frustrated.

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