How to Download and Use Annke Vision on your PC (Windows and Mac) [Download]

download-annke-vision-pcWould you like to create some memories? You should invest in a good camera. Rest assured that you can take various photos and videos and use them later. You can even install different cameras in your home to optimize your home security.

Also, you can install this camera so you can watch and communicate with your kids when you are not around.

With the advancement of technology, you can also work seamlessly if you want to monitor your home even when you are not there. All of this was made possible by the Annke Vision app.

What is the Annke Vision App for the PC?

This is an application specially designed for use with DVRs, IP cameras, and NVRs that support the cloud P2P function. You will find that digital video recorders usually help record video on a hard drive, eliminating the need for tapes. System security can be easily accessed online or via a local network.

This application allows you to view all of your cameras remotely. When you create an account and add a device to the account, you can be confident that you will be able to watch real-time video from various cameras around the world.

Annke Vision App Interface

With this app, you can not only watch real-time videos, but also play any recorded video as you like. You can also search for a specific video among those already recorded. Whenever your device’s motion detection alarm goes off, you can be confident that this app will send you an instant message notification.

This app is great for monitoring purposes. It was developed with modern security technology in mind and is easy to use. You can easily use this app if you have different cameras in your home or business. You can trust that you can see all current events even when you are not there.

Annke Vision App for PC functions

Annke vision app functions

This application can work fine on your PC. This allows you to remotely monitor. Some of the incredible features of this application are:

1. Real-time monitoring.

Do you want to monitor events in your home as they occur? This app is the solution for you. It can help you know what is happening in every area of ​​your home. If you have cameras in the bedroom, kitchen or living room, you can easily see what is going on in those areas. You can monitor these areas for as long as you want. This can leave you feeling reassured when you are away from home. Hence, this feature makes it desirable for many homeowners.

2. Video playback

Sometimes you might want to see what happened in a particular video because the video played so fast. With the video playback function, you can easily watch the recorded video at home. You can see them from anywhere. This can be very critical if a crime has been committed in your home. You will be able to know the fuller details of current events in your home. Some apps don’t have this feature, so this application has the upper hand over them.

3. Motion detection.

Do you have sensitive areas that you consider risk areas? These could be places where your safe is at home or where you have kept valuable items. It can also be the area near your garage and so on. With the motion detection feature, you can tell if someone has visited this area without your consent. You will receive a notification in the form of an alarm. Once notified, you will know what action to take.

Using and Downloading Annke Vision for PC (Windows and Mac)

1. Turn on the NVR and connect the recorder to the router

In order to monitor different areas in your home, you need to install an NVR camera and then connect it to the router with a cable to use the internet. This is mostly the case when there is no WiFi or is lost. There are some Ethernet ports on the back of the router that you can plug in the cable to provide an internet connection for all of your home cameras.

If your NVR has an Ethernet port, you can use the only Ethernet on the router. Then switch on the router for the Internet connection.

2. Go to System Setup.

Once that’s done, you should check the network setup to see if the P2P is online. It has to be online if you want to use your phone for viewing. If you find it is not online, this is the link you should click:

3. Download the app to your PC.


Before downloading this app, you must first Download and install BlueStacks 4 on your computer. You can then download the Annke Visions APK and install Annke Vision on the BlueStacks. You can run the application and then click Register to register the account either by email or by phone. Once that’s done, you can sign in with that account.

Click the “+” icon to add the device. You’ll need to enter your cloud identity and the name of your device. You also need to enter your username, which can be the username of your NVR system. The default username is usually “admin”. Once that’s done, you can enter the password and then hit the “Finish” button. You can see your device in the device list.

If you want to monitor different places in your home in real time, you can use this application on your computer. You need to install various NVR cameras and you can do remote monitoring. You can also receive motion detection notifications and play recorded videos. This application is really amazing. Install it today and you’ll enjoy the results.

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