How to download and install CamViews for PC (Windows & Mac) [Download]

download-camviews-pc-macCamViews is a popular video surveillance app that is used for many purposes. At first only for made Android and iOS CamViews has also been made available for PCs that are compatible with both Windows and Mac. The Android app acted as a wireless intercom with two-way door unlocking and voice communication.

This app, which is very popular in countries like America and China, allows very easy access for everyone. After the success of mobile applications, people demanded an app for PC that can be made possible by using BlueStacks. The idea caught the eye of many and is now showing signs of popularity in the Middle East as well.

BlueStacks is an American technology company that enables consumers to download mobile applications and use them on their PCs. This BlueStacks emulator is compatible with both MAC and Windows and is readily available on Google Play Store and Apple Store. Developed in 2011 when the technology began to focus more and more on cell phones, the PC’s necessities were neglected and this company was founded with the aim of providing all of the necessities for PCs.

By downloading BlueStacks App on Windows You can have a virtual table from which you can download any app or game from the Google Play Store.

Steps to install the CamViews app with the BlueStacks emulator


Download the BlueStacks app

Go to BlueStacks website Click the download button and wait for the download to complete. Once downloaded, click the Install button and let it run.

Configure the app

Once installed, you’ll see a virtual tablet that needs to be configured by allowing location services and connecting to an existing Google account.

Search the app

After the configuration steps, the virtual tablet is ready for use. You can start browsing the apps in the App Center. It works like any tablet.

Download CamViews

After browsing the Play Store, select the CamViews app and click Install to install the app immediately.

View downloads

The BlueStacks PC app has three different tabs. My apps, app center and help. My apps provides you with the data of apps that have already been downloaded. The App Center allows you to search the Google Play Store and the Help Center is there in case you run into problems with the virtual tab.

Set up and open CamViews

After the installation process is complete, the newly downloaded app will be displayed under “My Apps”. There you can create a link to the homepage or use it via BlueStacks. Open the app and complete the configuration after which it can be used.

It is better to create a shortcut after installing the application for easy access. CamViews for Mac is exactly the same as CamViews for Windows, and the exact same procedure can be used for either. CamViews work the same as they do on any smartphone, except that the cameras on smartphones are of much better quality and give much better results than the webcams on PCs and laptops.

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