How to download AirReceiver for PC (Windows/Mac) [Download]

airreceiver-pc-download-windows-macAirReceiver for PC is a streaming app that lets you stream music, videos and photos live from an Android or Apple device (iPad, iPhone, iPod touch).

You can download it AirReceiver on your PC / laptop Windows versions like Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7 and Windows 10 use BlueStacks as you will learn in the steps at the end of the article.

AirReceiver is the technology used in Apple devices to enable live streaming. In order to be able to work on your PC, the AirReceiver uses a technology similar to that of Apple to connect your device to another.

There are several AirReceivers that you can use on your computer. We’ll explain the best method to you.

How to get AirReceiver on a PC

Download BlueStacks
Like many other apps, AirReceiver was developed to run on Android systems. To use it on a PC you need to install an emulator. The BlueStacks emulator is the best emulator on the market. We therefore recommend using BlueStacks

To get BlueStacks go to their official page and click on “Download BlueStacks”.
With a fast connection, the emulator will download within 40 seconds. Once the process is complete,
Click Install and the beautiful BlueStacks will be set up on your PC.

Download AirReceiver for PC


Now it’s time to download AirReceiver for PC. Right click on your BlueStacks window and enter Google Play Store in the search area.

Search the Google Play Store for “AirReceiver for PCThe Airplay Receiver for PC icon is displayed.

Click the icon to download and install it on your BlueStacks window.

Your PC is now ready Start streaming your music, videos, and photos with your new AirReceiver app for PC. Enjoy!

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