How To Communicate With Students And Parents Using The Remind Platform [Download]

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Are you a teacher looking for an effective way to communicate with parents? Look no further, the reminder app is the ultimate solution for you. You will find that the App remind is a free service that makes it easier for teachers to keep in touch with parents.

With this app, teachers can actually send real-time messages to all parents. Aside from that, they can also send these messages to a select group of parents, or even individual parents, at one time or another.

What makes this app great?

There are many things that make this app great. First of all, it comes in handy when you want to send a short message telling the parents of last minute changes to the schedule. This can happen when the schedule changes, especially the eve of an event that should be happening at your school, such as a school break. B. a parents conference etc.

Reminder school communication functions

Other than that, all phone numbers are usually kept private and confidential. Here you don’t have to share your numbers with your parents or even give them theirs. You can also allow parents to reply to your messages or even turn the feature off. As a result, the parents will receive your notifications but will not respond. Hence, it all depends on what you want as a teacher.

How Teachers Can Use This App To Communicate With Parents

There are many ways teachers can use this app to communicate with parents. Some of the options include:

1. Use this app to send reminders or updates for upcoming meetings

Are you planning a parents’ meeting in the next few days? With this app, you can easily pass this message on to all parents. If not all parents are needed for this meeting, you can simply send this message to a group of parents, e.g. B. to parents of a certain group of students.

Apart from that, you will notify them when there is an event, excursion, or even vacation event. This way, parents can know what is happening in school even though they are not there.

2. Notify parents of last minute calendar changes or schedule changes

There are instances when you may be planning an event at your school that involves both students and parents. Sometimes something can come up and cause you to postpone this event. Hence, you need to notify parents early enough so that they don’t just show up to find out that the event has been canceled. You can therefore publish an update on this in the app and all parents will receive this information in real time. This goes a long way towards avoiding inconvenience.

3. Let the parents know that you need volunteers

Sometimes you may not have enough resources to hire the staff you need to work in the school. Teachers can therefore inform parents that they need volunteers to work with this app in the school. This helps to increase efficiency in the school.

4. Let parents know about the progress of the testimonials

Every parent has the right to know how their child behaves in school. A testimonial can help a parent identify this progress and enable them to make good decisions. Since these testimonials take time to prepare and process, teachers can use the Reminder app to notify parents when these testimonials are ready. This can help reduce panic among parents who want to know how their children are doing in school.

5. Notify parents of the date and time of the conference

Are you planning a conference at school soon? You can notify the parent of this event through the reminder app. That way, they know the location of the conference and the schedules of the conference. This has worked well for many schools in the past.

6. Contact parents who do not have to return forms yet

You may have some unreturned forms that you sent to different parents in your school. If parents delay returning these forms in a timely manner, it may delay some school activities and so on. If you want to remind parents to return these forms in a timely manner, then you can easily use this app. In this way you can reach all concerned parents.

7. Contact parents whose child needs special attention

There are some children who need special attention in school. This can be due to health problems, disabilities, or even calamity. A great way to reach out to the concerned parents is to use this app. Here you can reach the parents and stay in touch with them longer.



The reminder app can help teachers and parents to stay in touch and thus ensure that school activities run smoothly. All you have to do is download it to your phone, sign up and start using right away. This app is easy to use and designed for bidirectional messaging. Here the teachers send individual, class and school-wide text to parents. This app is really amazing.

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