How to clear Clipboard on Android

The entire guide on How to delete Clipboard history and How to clear Clipboard on Android. You have been copying and pasting the data, but now you are running out of storage space, because of unnecessary Copied data and losing important data on your clipboard. Well, you should not be worried, because you have a choice!.

You can decide what to keep saved and what to not on your clipboard. Yes, you have heard that right.

Don’t know how to delete Clipboard history? 

Well, that’s why I am here to help you out of this little but important misery. 

Follow the simple guide below to get rid of space consumption by Clipboard.

The given methods will help you to clear Clipboard data, and not just that, but you can sort out and keep your data safe. We will also talk about how you can prevent your important data from getting mistakenly deleted and how to keep it locked and access it whenever you want to. Without wasting time let’s get started with the guide of How to delete Clipboard history to have clear space and add new data. Before that, we will also discuss why you are unable to find Clipboard on your Android and I will explain all the methods step by step, so you can try simultaneously with me. We will see a detailed explanation in a further article. 

How to clear Clipboard data?

I know you have tried to look for the Clipboard on your Android and couldn’t even find it in the General Settings because it is not situated there on your Android mobile phone. Yes, that’s right. But throughout the guide from this article, I will show you how to access the Clipboard and delete the unnecessary data. Also, the solution of How to delete Clipboard history or delete Clipboard data on your Android device. Get ready, because this article is going to answer all of your questions about Clipboard, Clipboard data, Clipboard history, and Save & Lock method. 

What is Clipboard?  

Before getting started, you must know that you are on the right page, reading the right post, and following the right methods. So, you must be clear about what a Clipboard is, what it can do for you, and how to use it correctly for more convenience. A Clipboard is like a little shield that gives short-term storage space and saves the copied data on your Android. When you copy a second time and think you have lost the first-time copied data. But wait, you have not, because it is actually getting saved on Clipboard. It just doesn’t do that but you can decide what you want to be saved for a long period of time and what you do not need anymore. And how to do this all, that is where my work comes to guide you about how to delete Clipboard history. 

Where is my Clipboard?  

To go further and try one of the given methods, you must know how to access the Clipboard on Android. First, take an important notice that the clipboard is not located on your Android because it comes with the Launcher you apply for your keyboard. So, it is not on your Android but its saved data can use your storage space. You will have to clean it, for which this guide is made to answer. Every time you copy-paste you see a few icons on the Keyboard, one of which is Clipboard. But you didn’t know about it before. As now you know that you can easily do given steps. You can try any of the above-mentioned methods to clear Clipboard on Android and let us know in the comments. 

How to clear Clipboard Android Steps

Follow these methods to delete Clipboard data   

Via using Keyboard  

  1. First, go to any messaging apps or Notepad on your Android.   
  2. After clicking on the screen Keyboard will show up.  
  3. On Keyboard, you will see a Clipboard tab or a sign on which you have to click. That’s how you will access your Clipboard data. Refer to the picture: 
How to clear Clipboard on Android
  1. As shown in the image, you can swipe left pr right to delete saved history. 
How to clear Clipboard on Android
  1. Also, if you long press on any saved history, you will get an option called Save & Lock.  
  2. By clicking on Save and Lock data You will never lose it, even after cleaning all items in History. You can refer to it from the below picture: 
How to clear Clipboard on Android

Indeed, it was the easiest one, wasn’t it? If you cannot find Clipboard on your Keyboard, then no worries, we have more methods ahead.

Outsourcing Apps  

  1. You can always Outsource an Application to delete Clipboard data.   
  2. You have to visit Play Store for that and search the following recommended Apps  
  3. To segregate your Clipboard data, the following is the list of Most Recommended Clipboard Apps:  
  • Free  

Clipboard Manager, Clipboard Actions & Notes, Clipboard History – Copy paste anywhere, Clipper – Clipboard Manager.  

  • And if you are willing to spend then Paid 

Clipboard Pro Rs. 75.00/-, FA Clipboard Pro Rs. 95.00/-, Clipper Plus: Clipboard Manager Rs. 100.00/-  

Via File Manager  

  1.  Your File Manager always helps you to manipulate, delete, add, segregate files.   
  2. You just have to go to Phone Storage.  
  3. Then select the Application in which most of the data was copied.  
  4. And then delete the Cache.  

Via Settings  

  1. Yes, you can do the above method mentioned, in exactly a similar way by going to settings.  
  2. You have to go to Applications Settings.  
  3. Then select Installed and you will see a list of applications on your Android, as shown in the given picture: 
  1. When you will click on the application on which copied and pasted the data, you will have to click on Storage.  
  2. Then you can click Clear Cache.  

Specific Cleaning Apps  

  1.  Even the above methods couldn’t be helped, you can always download Special cleaning Apps for Clipboards on Android. To stimulate great space, the following are the Most Recommended Clipboard Cleaning Apps:  

Clipboard Manager, Clipboard Cleaner, CleanboardCleaner, Rocket Cleaner – System Optimizer, Avast Cleanup, and Boost, Phone Cleaner, Optimizer, Phone Master – Junk cleaner master, Battery Cooler.  

Clipboard itself is a Solution!  

  1.  Yes, you have read it right. Sometimes Clipboard itself cleans the excess data when it reaches its exceeding limit.  

For example – If the exceed limit is 50, your Clipboard will Automatically delete the first copied data when you will copy the 51st data.  

  1. I know you don’t even need to do anything. But in some cases, you can lose one of the important saved data that you have forgotten to even paste!   
  2. So, it is always better to already have a backup plan, right?  

You can select and clear all of the items on Clipboard at the same time. Doing this will not remove your saved and locked data. You can also, delete every history one by one as a single item to take more special care of not losing data. Settings or icons on the keyboard may vary depending upon your Android version and Launcher App or theme, respectively. Now you have become an expert in knowing everything that you needed to know about How to delete Clipboard data and How to delete Clipboard Android.  


Now, you can choose between the data you need and the data you do not, by following the easiest steps and methods to clear Clipboard on Android above mentioned. Always remember to delete Clipboard history that is unnecessary to you and does not forget to lock your important data before getting deleted or removed by Clipboard. Hope I have helped you with How to delete Clipboard history and you will remember to use this method every time you get stuck with deleting useless data, and saving & locking important data. Always make sure your data is not getting deleted because of any Unknown Source or Application. Even if you forget how to clear clipboard on android phone. you can always visit Pindropapps where you will find the right answers to your question of How to delete Clipboard History! 

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