10 Best Hero Forge Alternatives to Try in 2020

Tired of using hero forge? The options and UI can sometimes overwhelm the users and designers in particular. Therefore, we bring you the best hero forge alternatives to try your skills on. Hero Forge is one of the best softwares when it comes to designing tabletop miniatures and getting them delivered to your house. Basically, you can customize your table using a custom-built miniature from Hero Forge. 

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Since Hero Forge has been in the market for quite some time, there have been many complaints from the users and buyers regarding the quality of the figures which are built by the company. Therefore we found some of the best alternatives to try in the market. These softwares allow users to upgrade each and every aspect of their 3D designs including eyes, body structure, and of course the quality of the build. For some reason, if you don’t like hero forge, check out our list below for alternatives to hero forge

Best Hero Forge Alternatives

Desktop Hero

hero forge alternatives - desktop hero

One of the best solutions if you’re looking for a platform similar to hero forge. The desktop hero allows high customization options for your character and allows you to unlock the full potential of your designing skills. You get to choose from various races of characters and edit them accordingly. One of the best advantages of using Desktop hero is the pricing which is quite low when compared to Hero Forge. Prices start from as low as $3.50 per miniature which is extremely less compared to the famous competitor. 

While trying out the options available in Desktop Hero, we found out that you can edit even the smallest details of your character including the base and the items which can be placed in the hand. There are many designs to choose from for the people looking to redecorate their tables. Now you don’t necessarily need to create from the prebuilt designs in the app but upload something from your system which is created by any outside designer. The format should be supported on the platform for the best results. 

Eldritch Foundry

hero forge alternatives - Eldritch Foundry

Comes with the best editing options available which are easy to use. Even if you’re a beginner, you won’t have a hard time browsing the platform or creating the favorite figure for your table. You get to choose from the variety of options and one of the best parts about Eldritch is the UI. The smooth scroll through all the customizable elements is just too good. The designer can choose from a big list of races and then move on to the other editing options as desired. 

The pricing of each of the miniatures starts from $35 which is less and making it a suitable alternative for Hero Forge. Unlike other platforms, this one is highly recommended by users because it consists of the easiest editing options for the consumers. You can test it out for yourself and have fun around the carious presets on the platform. 


hero forge alternatives - PCGen

You’re looking at a free alternative to Hero Forge. PCGen is an open-source designer software that helps you get rid of the ads from all the paid ones. You can design your 3D miniature freely without any hesitation and the app allows you to edit each and every aspect of your figure without any limitations. With the help of PCGen, you get the freedom to do and choose what you like and want. 

Unlike other softwares, this tool doesn’t take your order and builds the 3D figures for you. It will give you the best features when it comes to designing but you need to print it yourself. 


Another good platform to try out and build the perfect miniatures for you. Providing the best customization tools you need and make the best 3D figure in the market. The tool is easy to use and create the miniatures you need at a very affordable price. 

We consider Hero Forge to be quite expensive and goes over your budget for a Resin tabletop miniature which is why Anvl.co might be the best alternative to Hero Forge. Anvl also offers to create your design in Steel, Brass, Silver, and Gold which are quite expensive. 

hero forge alternatives - Anvl

While browsing and selecting a design we created a design if you like you can make a similar one. It literally took us a couple of minutes to create this. You might have guessed by this that the platform can let you create designs without any hassle. Check the link below and share with us the awesome designs you created on the platform. 

Hero Mini Maker

hero forge alternatives - Hero Mini Maker

When it comes to customizations of your miniatures, this is probably the best solution and alternative to hero forge. It gives wings to your creativity and end number of possibilities you need to create the perfect 3D figures for you. 

One of the best catchers of this platform is the user-interface which is quite easy to use and the designer gets over 800 designs that are prebuilt to choose from. If you even want to create or edit them from scratch, you can choose from all the presets provided in the software. The tool itself is paid and users can buy it from official steam to avail the full benefits. Apart from the base designs, users can choose from a wide variety of additions like hats, weapons, clothes, etc. Go and try it out yourself and create some awesome designs on the tool. Remember to save everything you create, don’t expect the tool to do everything for you. 


hero forge alternatives - Thingiverse

Thingverse can be considered as a 3D design community which is created by Makerbot. There are thousands of designers which are showcasing their talent and uploading 3D miniature designs on a daily basis. One of the best things about these designs are, you can help the designer by tipping them for the awesome content they posted or even edit them according to your will. 

Since the community has a lot of designers, you get to choose from a lot of pre-created designs and get the right one for you. You can also design your own miniature by uploading an AutoCAD file that has the base of your design. Create minor details and attachments to your figure like clothes, weapons, etc. The platform doesn’t have an option to get your items printed and delivered to you. There are other engines for that purpose. If you’re looking for something without having to put your effort into the design, this community is a must-try. 



hero forge alternatives - Gambody

If you’re a superhero fan, this website is definitely made for you. There are a lot of miniature designs to choose from. Starting with a range of $1, you can choose from a variety of options depending on your budget. Since hero forge doesn’t give you the prebuilt options for your favorite superheroes, this website might just fix that. 

You can also upload the custom figures you might have created and edit them according to your needs. Do keep in mind that this platform just gives you the option to download the printable file and you need to have a printer with you to bring your design to life. This software is not for people who want to design their 3D figures from scratch but for people who are looking for some prebuilt designs created by the skilled people on the website. 

Creature Caster

hero forge alternatives - Creature Caster

As the name says, the platform specializes in creating and shipping pre-built designs of mythical creatures that are used to decorate your tabletop. You can choose from a variety of designs from the website. Their designers have worked very hard in creating such complicated creatures. 

One of the best features of the website is the attention to detail they have given to each of their design which makes the end result stand out among the other sites in the market. They ship their items throughout the world with a good shipping fee but it’s best for everyone as cheap shipping might destroy your items in transit. Check out their website for awesome deals and offers.


hero forge alternatives - Cults

Similar to Thingiverse above, this platform is also limited to some of the best pre-built designs on the internet. One of the best features of this website is the UI which gives your direct access to designs in any category you are looking for. The prices are also fair and reasonable. You can check user reviews of a particular product before buying it from the store. 

After buying the product, you can get it printed as a figure for your desk. You can use your own 3D printer or check the marketplace online where there are lots of sites that offer the same. STL files will be available for download once you have made your payment and it has been confirmed from the client-side. The website has some of the best superhero characters to choose from for your 3D miniatures. While you don’t get an option to manually edit the figures, you can request custom figures on the website making it a suitable alternative to hero forge. 

My MiniFactory

hero forge alternatives - My MiniFactory

Another platform similar to Gambody which provides prebuilt character files for you to print and decorate your desks. You can choose from a wide range of options including fictional superhero characters to all your home appliances. Yes, this store is a one-stop solution to all your needs. Not only it provides you desk organization figures, but also other tools like 3D printers. 

Like other platforms, you can request on-demand designs and get them specially built for yourself. The prebuilt designs on MiniFactory include some of the most popular figures like Rick Grimes from TWD. Check out the reviews before buying a particular item for yourself. 


Hero Forge is no doubt one of the best and oldest 3D miniature creature platforms in the market but every person has a different preference which is why we created this list of best hero forge alternatives. Some of these tools are quite easier to use than hero forge and gives out better results at very less price. If you are running on a tight budget, you should consider other options that might not empty your pockets. 

Have something to add? Do comment below if there’s another service running which is better than the ones we listed above. 

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