FreeIP App Review, Features & Download Process for PC & Mac [Download]

FreeIP iconSecure your home and office by monitoring with the FreeIP application

Gone are the days when you had to be physically present in an area to monitor activity in your home or office. Technology has given us the ability to check and keep track of every location via CCTV and webcams installed in every location. Various applications are available in the Play Store to help you monitor a location. However, most of the apps are not good and serve no purpose, confusing you with their user interface.

The FreeIP app in the Play Store is one such app that was developed by the developers taking into account the use of the app by their users. It is easy to use, has a simple interface, and consists of several functions that are great to use.

The FreeIP app can be easily connected to the webcam, video surveillance or security camera using a sequence number that must be entered into the app on the phone. The app offers numerous advantages as a number of functions are to be explored. Let’s go ahead and check out what FreeIP has to offer its users.

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Features of the FreeIP app


There are various benefits and features that make this app a top notch application. As soon as the app is installed on the phone and connected to the camera via a sequence number, the following functions can be examined in the app:

The very first feature to examine is the preview of the various installed cameras. The app allows you to view and monitor a total of 16 screens at the same time. Most apps with this functionality consist of no more than 4 cameras. With FreeIP you can view four times as many cameras as other apps can monitor.

  • Take screenshots of the video

Another feature that is heaven for the users is the app snap through. If you notice any suspicious activity on your phone’s screen, you can quickly take the snapshot for future reference. This feature is beneficial to users in a number of cases, and this feature is beneficial to almost everyone.

In case you are ready to monitor your app for a certain amount of time but have some important work to do and are not available to preview the video. In this scenario, all you need to do is enable the app’s recording feature and your phone will record the screen itself for that specific amount of time. It can be viewed later if you have the time and can review the video anytime.

While you can see the live cameras that are streamed on your phone. But with this amazing app, you can play the video at a later time and monitor the activities that have been going on at your location. This feature helps the user to view the videos at a later time. You can also take the snapshot of the screen while watching the video.

  • Multiple device connections

The app can pair devices up to a range of 16. This makes this app unique as most of the apps in the same niche have the support system for no more than 4 devices. The connection for multiple devices makes this app one of the best apps for this category.

Technology has evolved and there are more features available on your phone than ever before. Not only does the FreeIP app have some great features, it also has the ability to view the screen in a panoramic view. If you have a VR headset with you, it can be connected to the installed webcams and you can view the images and videos of the webcam via a VR headset. This is one of the unique features that no other app has, and the view can be enjoyed while on-site.

Connecting the webcams has never been easier. All you have to do is enter the sequence number of your webcam. The app recognizes the camera automatically and shows you the corresponding footage. This feature is very easy to use, and users of the app suggest that this feature is the most famous feature of the app because of its simple connectivity.

  • Install the FreeIP app on your desktop

We’re all very busy in our lives, and most of the time we don’t have the time to ideally sit and keep your phone busy watching footage from webcams. However, it is also necessary to monitor the installed cameras. So the solution to this problem is to have an emulator such as Bluestacks program or Nox player on your desktop or laptop so that the same app can be used efficiently on the laptop as well.

Instructions for installation on the PC

  1. The first step is to download the Android emulator and install it on your PC.
  2. Once installed, open the software.
  3. Open the menu and scroll to the PlayStore app in the emulator.
  4. Download and install the FreeIP app. Enjoy the app on your laptop.

Wrap up

The FreeIP app is among the top rated apps on the Play Store for this particular niche. It consists of all the necessary functions that complete the app. If you need to view the cameras of your place setting in a remote location, the no better app can give you the features and functionality that this app has. Try this app once you have installed the cameras in your home. Good luck

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