Earn Money Working From Home With Meesho App for PC [Download]

Meesho-App-for-PC-Windows-Mac-free downloadWith the growing number of users, the resale app, Meesho has gained a lot of popularity. Everyone strives to be independent in life and to make a living. You may or may not do this in a regular 9 to 5 job. So many advances in technology have resulted in a person being able to choose freely from home. Coupled with the influence of social media and worldwide connectivity, it has become easier for a person to start a career from the comfort of their own home. It’s a great option for a busy housewife to get some cash or even if you want to make some extra cash.

Over 90 lakhs products with more than 80 crores INR have enabled the app to gain trust. The app is currently active in around 5,000 cities across the country. You can also be successful starting your own business without the hassle of credit. In fact, you can be your own boss as you climb the ladder to become a huge company. With the functions for working from home you have flexible working hours and can easily choose what and how you want to work.

The application usually works on your cell phones. But doing business over the phone can get a little frustrating. Bigger ideas need bigger screens to flourish. Read the article to learn more about how to access the Meesho application on your PC. You will find out how convenient it is to use the application on your PC. We will further discuss the process of installing the app on the PC. This is how you can use the app to help you and your family.

How do you use Meesho?

The way the app works includes seller and buyer accounts. The seller can sell anything from lifestyle to fashion. The application has gained a lot of reliability among users and customers in a very short time. Meesho has successfully won customers across the country for a range of products. You can find super high quality products for a very reasonable price. This gives users the ability to select products by brand. The application has helped many people build their business online and connect to a million users.

What is Meesho about?

When using this application you will find a very easy to use interface. You don’t have to be very tech-savvy to explore the application. Over a period of two years, the application provided people with a living and part-time work. Sellers can earn commissions and profits on any product by selling it at a wholesale price. Both the seller and the buyer receive great offers, accompanied by weekly bonus rewards, if a certain sales criterion is met.

The concept of making money part time can be fascinating for you as a student or housewife. Meesho made it easy and within reach for an ordinary person to make money without the need for large investments or loans.

How do I list products on Meesho?

Starting a business can be very time-consuming and capital-intensive. Wouldn’t it be easier if all of these things were removed from the equation? All you have to do is list your products in the application. The Meesho team help your product reach the buyers. You will receive the orders as soon as your products are available in the app. The details of the products are shared using WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram. An order is placed with the application for the product finalized by the buyer.

All packing and delivery work is done by the Meesho team. All you have to do is sit back and wait for the earnings to go into your account. You can also share information about the products by posting it on Facebook pages and groups. You can even create specific Facebook and Instagram pages and groups to promote your products to users. This zero investment business is a convenient way to make a living.

How do I get Meesho for your PC?

Usually such apps are used on cell phones. However, we know that working on your phone for long hours can be inconvenient. With the mobile version, you can access it anytime, anywhere. However, if you keep working on your phone, it can be a drain on business.


Preferably, to run a successful business, you need a bigger screen. You can install the application on your PC with the help of special software. This software allows you to run Android based applications on your PC. They are known as Android emulators. You can find a number of these Android emulators on the internet.

We have listed some popular ones below:

1. BlueStacks
2. Nox emulator

There are a few basic Android emulators installation steps you need to follow. This includes some quick and easy on-screen instructions that need to be followed to install the software and application on your PC. The process of installing Meesho Work through the Home Resale App is as follows:

  1. Follow the instructions on your screen to install the Android emulator on your PC.
  2. Your computer will fully install the software in a while. Then search for the Google Play Store app.
  3. Sign in to the Play Store app with your Google account using your credentials. If you don’t have an account. Create one.
  4. Sign in to your account and search for the Meesho app on the Play Store.

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