Dynamic Wallpaper for PC – Free Download on Windows 10, 8, 7 [Download]

Dynamic-Wallpaper-for-Windows-8-10Dynamic Wallpaper is an application for Windows 10 that has one simple function: it pulls the photo of the day from the bottom of Bing and turns it into a computer wallpaper.

This way you can have one image per day as a background for your desktop without having to do it manually – just install and configure the app and do it yourself!

If you liked any of the wallpapers, you can download the image or even configure the dynamic wallpaper so that it doesn’t replace the wallpaper while enjoying it for a few days. This application is available for Windows 10 and Windows Phone. It runs in the background and you don’t have to keep opening the app.

There are no additional settings in Dynamic Wallpaper. That means you can install and then forget it’s there! Each day the wallpaper is automatically changed, you can choose whether to accept the change or stick with the previous one.

Free download: Dynamic background image

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